Thursday, January 6, 2011

SARAWAK: Kicking Off 2011

Happy New Year everyone!!! How did you celebrate your New Year? New Year is not a big thing in my family, more often than not we're wrapped in our comforters and sleeping socks in UK visiting my eldest sister and snoring even before the clock ticks midnight.

This time around, we were in KL so we decided to do something extra special : We stayed up and wait for the fireworks like everyone front of the television -_-'

It was pretty fun! My dad even got excited watching the fireworks on television that he, (in his kain pelikat all) went just inches in front of the television to snap a photo of the fireworks on tv. So sad rightttt, the things that make him excited!! LOL.

The next day I had to wake up at 5 am to catch a 7.20 am flight to Sarawak. Considering our 'late-night celebration' I was a walking zombie the next morning! Hair washed and uncombed, dark circles under my eyes. I was going to Sarawak to catch a dear friend's wedding which I will share in another post. But while we were there some of us decided to kick off the new year with a bit of adventure and head off to Bako National Park.

The boat ride from Kampung Bako to the National Park was probably the scariest ride I have ever been on. I swear it was like going on a roller coaster ride without the seat belt on! To be fair it wasn't exactly a BOAT that we were in. More like a sampan, with a motor at the back. The raining season made the sea extremely choppy and this sign board did not help either:
I mean honestly, what do they expect us to do? Scream when we see one?? Pfft.
We arrived late afternoon at Bako National Park and in Sarawak, it gets dark early. Considering we were there to do jungle trekking and NONE of us brought a torch light (bimbo moment, really) we had very limited time in our hands. We didn't have time to rest so we put our luggage in the chalet, changed clothes and quickly decided on the trekking to do in those short hours that we have.

Walking to our chalets
Being realistic and well, practical -  we decided to take the shortest trek - which is 30 minutes one way. I mean all jungles look the same anyway, green and well...just green I guess. :p Soon we learned that the challenge was really the super slippery ground because of the raining season. It was extra humid too so before long everyone was showering in their own sweat!
Look at how wet and slippery the floor was!
To our surprise, we finished pretty early. It actually felt pretty long, but based on Shaq's timing, in less than 20 minutes we were at the hilltop and before we knew it we were back to where we first started! It was either we were that good or the trek was really nothing! (I prefer the former hehe)
At the View Point
We were back by 5.30 pm, and some of us felt that it was too short so we decided to give another trek a try. It was a longer trek, and we had our worries, considering it gets dark by 6.30 pm in Sarawak. We gave it a go anyway, but half of the crew turned back after 15 minutes while the five of us carried on. It was a much more challenging trek but it brought us to the edge of the island and it was breathtaking. There were huge rocks that reminded me wistfully of the Apostles in Victoria :)

The trip back to the camping site was the most challenging one because it was slowly getting dark and I was starting to pant. I mean seriously, the last time I stretched my muscles so hard was probably 10 years ago! But it was an effort worth the pain because we marched home feeling like true heroes! Five minutes later, heroes or not we were chomping down food like monkeys hahhah. Ayam Goreng has never tasted so good my whole life! 

The hardest part of the day for me personally was when I had to bathe at 10 pm when it was pouring outside and the natural water was FREEZING COLD! I screamed and bathe like a maniac but I'm glad did it anyway. (I mean sleeping without bathing after 2 hours of jungle trekking is not an option right?)

The rain continued until the next day, but we could not wait for it to stop because we had a wedding to attend so we took the boat ride home in the drizzling rain. Thankfully we were no longer going against the waves, the boat ride was pretty calming.

I love jungle trekking because we always start with a mission - to reach somewhere by what time. And with that objective in mind we work our mind and body towards it. I guess this is the way life should be, in everything we do, we should have an end in mind and works towards our objective. My Ustaz used to tell me that an intelligent person is one who remembers death in every action that he takes, in every decision that he makes. I know this makes me a stupid person despite my impressive grades in school but I couldn't agree more with my Ustaz - it makes a lot of sense.

Anywayyyy what a start to 2011 it was for me, hopefully it will be a start to more new life changing experiences!



fiza sarawak said...

OMG!!!how come i didn't know that u were at kuching lastweek.i wish u had an exciting trip here.if u ever thinking of coming to srwk again next time,plz..plz n plz hit me.ok=)

Toots said...

Heheh. I pergi 2 hari je! Okla, next time insyaAllah k?

Miss Moots said...

happy new year Toots

Toots said...

And to you too Moots :)

petite girl said...

whoa.good that you actually had the guts to go trekking!thumbs up!

Cee said...

*sob* *sob*

things that i will remember about Kuching:
-card games and no trekking!
-hunting for sarawak laksa and only to find out that the shop does not operate on monday
-baju kurung fiasco

yup! said...

Wow! I always love the scenes from your weekend, but these are especially amazing! What a gorgeous spot!I hope that you are having a great time – can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

great kali said...

the great post. I'm attracting with your blog.thanks for your share