Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sporty Spice ties the Knot

Not the original Mel C, but our very own made-in-Melbourne Sporty Spice Miss Razzy ties the knot just hours ago and it was a beautiful, lighthearted ceremony.

I've been meaning to blog on her bridal shower a few weeks ago but with exams and changing jobs, it slipped passed my mind...until tonight.

Now, a little bit about the bride :)

She was the star of our Futsal team and her stamina seriously goes a long, long way - she could still play for another hour when the rest of us are panting like mad. Never mind me, my fake "my stomach hurts I need a rest" look works alllll the time (Being the goalie IS a mental torture okay! Pffft)

Her idea of fun is really just going karaoke with us girls in pajamas and rocking the night. (Yup, we were young and care free once...tsk) So a few weeks before her wedding, we had a surprise bridal shower complete with manicure, pedicure, dinner, in house fun and sleepover just the way she likes it! =) 

The color theme for the night (if you have not figured it out yet) were Black, White and Pink. We had dinner at Serai, Empire which came highly recommended to me and I must say they truly walk the talk - the food was delicious!! We had a cake custom made for the bride from somewhere I dont know (obviously not the organizer here!) with a statue of her on top of the cake. And it looked like this:

I knoww, the statue really doesnt do her justice!! *slaps forehead*
As if the doll wasn't ugly enough, after a good dinner and roars of laughter, for some reason the cake ended looking like this:

HAHAHHA.Legs torn apart, head on the hands, hands on the head - God knows what position this is!

The best part of the evening was of course the surprise sleepover complete with minigifts and wholesome girlish fun which unfortunately is not for public viewing :P

Gift pack for each of us
I also got to meet her sisters and good friend, Nana for the first time ever and they were such fun people to be with because they laughed at all my jokes and found me very amusing, heheh. On another note, I must make a point to tell you that these pictures were taken with an Olympus E-P1 without any editing at all. Their art filters are really awesome, so I'm trying to save enough money to buy either E-P1 or E-P2 soon. Definitely, I'm on the road and getting there *inserts one dollar into piggybank* 

I saw how happy Raz was tonight and I really hope that kind of happiness will last a lifetime. Afterall, I will always remember her as the girl with this big, beautiful smile!



Nadiah said...


You looks so pretty in this pic.I think fuchia look good on you

NJB said...

ahh another pretty girl getting off the market.

a little bit of me died when that happens. :(

Miss Moots said...

you're so pretty

Ms Road Runner said...

lambatnya update :P hehe... going to add you in my blogroll k babes ;)

Toots said...

NJB : better get one before you die a little bit more LOL.

Thanks Nadiah and Moots! And Cik Road Runner, I didnt know you have a blogg too!! Hahaha