Thursday, December 9, 2010

Of Toots and Titts

I'd like to believe that in life, you will reach a point where you start questioning everything you do. Your job, your destiny, yourself, your friends, what you want in life - and the most mind boggling thing is when you realize that after all these years - nothing is falling into places yet.

It can be a really scary feeling but if you feel that way, trust me you're not the only one. So go easy on yourself....and those unhealthy junk food (Yup, guilty as charged!)

Thankfully for me, I have an annoying best friend who lives just 2 minutes away from home. She could not sleep, could not eat, could not breathe if I'm not as happy and as jovial as she is . And the great thing about having a best friend of more than a decade old is that even when you literally feel like shutting your house door from the rest of the world, you realize that you could still make an exception for one person - and that would be your best friend....and her handbag. 

Titts called one-exam-paper-and-3-hours-of-sleep later, asking me to get ready in 10 minutes because she decided to be an Early Santa and give me a special treat. No, she did not come with reindeers and fly me to Japan - she's a boring Santa, really! Heheh. But we did go somewhere pretty magical and best of all....just 10 minutes away from home! :)

We talked of friendship and how it's funny that it has always been just us two. I told her that sometimes I wish there were more of us. You know. Not just Titts and Toots, that there were Tetts and Tutts and perhap Tuitts around to make it even...livelier. Heheh.

As soon as the words came out, I realized how silly it sounded.Call me stingy but I'm actually thankful that I don't have to share my best friend with another best friend - saves me the drama! Hehe. It has been just Titts and Toots since we were 9 years old. It was perfect that way and for some weird reason, it still is. So when Titts broadcasted this song, The Beaver Song from How I Met Your Mother (which by the way, is only like THE AWESOMEST sitcom in the world) only one face came to my mind - and that was my best friend of 14 years and counting :)

Hey, Beaver come on
When you feel alone
Just pick up that phone
And I’ll be there to share my ice cream cone
We’ll lick it side by side
And deep inside you’ll know
Before the day is done
Two beavers are better than one
They’re twice the fun
Ask anyone
A second beaver can be
Second to none
Two beavers are better than one!

Here's to that one person in your life who has always believed in the best of you.



fatunk said...

this post is soooo sweet..v is so lucky to have you as her bestfriend and so do you..Both of you really know how to make each other feel better and that is a great thing..May your friendship will last forever..=)
by the way v,happy birthday..have a great one=)
take care ajjie..miss you a lot..

aiesya said...


Miss Aida said...

Aw, this is so cute!

Nothing quite like having that best friend. :) It makes all the difference in the world.

Anonymous said...

hey d u work at menara millenium? i was a flyer guy giving shoe coupons couple months back and i think i kinda saw u there

Toots said...

Anon: must have been my doubleganger or long lost twin, I don't work there hehe

Anonymous said... sweet..may Allah bless u both...amenn

Ajax Shams said...

this is so pure..
i have a fren n weve known each other since like forever too *and he's annoyingly great*
u noe, its alwiz nice to have sum1 from ur childhood as ur best friend...
childhood frenship : d sincerest relationship u'll ever hav...

Toots said...

Thanks Anon...and Ajax - ditto to that! :)

Ellin Raduan said...

Both of u really inspire me in many ways.

Maybe for some, they would go like - "Ala.. ckp hal sembahyang, agama.. tapi tak menutup aurat." Betul. But point is, kalau hati tak bersih pun tak ada makna, aight?... ALLAH knows better.

I pray for your both happiness. May ALLAH blessed you and granted you with rahmah & mahabbah at all times. Amin.. =)

Salam Ukhuwah.

RS said...

awww, this is so sweet. =) i definitely have that special person in my life. =]

Anonymous said...

what a lovely friend both of you...hope's the friendship last forever...amin, loves both of you...

Toots said...

Thanks guys, And Ellin thank you for the prayers :)

nur khairunnisa mohd azuhar said...

gud 4 u both,
its one in a million to find a best friend which is really a 'best friend' ;)

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