Thursday, November 11, 2010

Terlalu Istimewa

Life is full of surprises and unexpected turn of events.

And yet, definitely nothing could have prepared me for the news I was about to hear last Thursday.

Just exactly a week ago, my second cousin Awwab Hakimee with a couple of friends went to a river near his house. He fell into the river...and never came back.

He was only 7 years old.

When the news reached me last Thursday, I almost could not believe what I was hearing. There was an immediate lump in my throat and I had to choke back tears because I was in the middle of a meeting. I excused myself to the restroom and made a call to mom who confirmed the horrible truth.

"Awwab fell into the river three hours ago, and they are still looking for him."

Today, seven days have passed, and efforts are still ongoing to look for him. And not a day goes by that I dont pray for the efforts to turn fruitful.

I had a vivid memory of Awwab and I on Raya Eve.

I dropped by my aunt's house to see them, and there he was - small, cute and very much bubbly. We seldom meet but we hit it off instantly and he stayed by my side for the rest of the night. His mother jokingly said "Awwab minat Kak Ina ye?" (Awwab has a crush on Aunty Ina it seems?) and he gave away a huge grin. We laid on the floor just the two of us at the living room and he played with my hair and asked countless random questions. I have a special place in my heart for many kids, and Awwab is one of them. The following day, prior to paying a visit to the grave, I made a point to see him and he came running to me.

He looked up to me and said, "Kak Ina cantik sangat pakai tudung." (Kak Ina you look really pretty with your headscarf on)

He went back to Kedah shortly after and somehow, that was the last words I remember coming from him.

I was about to call it a night just now when the song Terlalu Istimewa by Adibah Noor hit my playlist. Immediately memories of Awwab flood my mind and tears streamed down my face. His over friendly nature, his big smile, his small hands that he used to hug random people. I could not sleep, and could only show a part of my sadness through my writings.

Please offer a prayer to my second cousin, Awwab Hakimee Rudainee. May Allah give his family the strength of Iman in this tough time and May Allah be with him, where ever his soul is.


Anonymous said...

i lost my boyfriend last month.he met w an accident.
we were supposed to get married next year.
But Allah has another story. He knows best.
i cant begin to express the sadness i feel, but i can say i can imagine the feeling u have right now.
altho i didnt know u n the family, my prayers are with all of u.May Allah give them strentgh they need during this hard time.


Alia Ishak said...

MasyaAllah. Ajjie, I hope you and your family will be given the needed strength by Him to get through this trying time. Will include him in my prayers too.

Toots said...

Dear Anis,

I'm so sorry for what had happened to you too. I guess everything happens for a reason - and one can only hope that he/she comes out a better person through it all.

Thanks girls for the prayers, they mean a lot to us.

Nada Syazana said...

Taken away whilst in innocence...God must've really loved your 2nd cousin. My prayers are with him and his family. Kids always have a special place in my heart. Whenever I'm down or stressed with work, I know the kids in the paeds ward would cheer me up. Al-fatihah.

Hidayahmk said...

Salam Toots

Rasanya Toots bersaudara dengan Kak Putri Nuur ini..

Lihat blog Kak Puteri tentang Awwab Hakimi..

Anonymous said...

Even though years have passed. I pray that Allah heals.your pain.