Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Day My Sister Turned Absolutely Stunning

....Not that she's not, mind you. But you see, when we were much younger, she was the most spastic of us all - my second sister.

There was nothing ladylike about her then. Her idea of fun was to freeze in the middle of nowhere, hands in the air, legs slightly twisted, crazy eyes staring back at you with mouth wide open and a tongue that was about to touch the floor.

I have no idea how we're even remotely related. Hehe.

She grew up becoming the joker of the family, the one with the best sense of humor and the one that is closest to everybody. It's funny how she is closest to Along, among all the other siblings - closest to my brother among all the other siblings - and closest to me among all the other siblings. She is also the one who closely inherits my mother's traits - sworn her life to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and has an eagle's eyes for perfection. Her clothes are neatly arranged in color order and her hangers are all hung one index finger apart from each other. You wouldn't want to mess with her because her words can be extremely biting even though her heart is very gentle.

Just exactly four weeks ago, she got married.

Time has a funny way of passing by without us realizing it. 

This afternoon my sister barged into my room and told me to take a picture of her and her husband. I asked why, because obviously - taking a picture of others in one of those lazy afternoons takes a lot of effort. It better be something important to force me out of my bed!

"It's our one month anniversary today!"


Seriously brother in law, what have you gotten yourself into?? Now for the rest of your life, every single month of the year has an important date for you to remember, you smart genius!

And because during the solemnization ceremony the house was filled with our cousins, cousins of cousins and well, cousins of cousins of cousins, are some snippets of the solemnization ceremony to share with my friends who happen to be reading this post:

And then of course there was the customary photo session where the bride and the bridegroom came out with all possible please-make-me-vomit-now poses.

Now that both of my sisters are married, I was of course swarmed with the most famous question of all time - "When is your turn?" Seriously, people should really just skip the question and wait for the next wedding card to come, regardless of when it's coming! I'm only, erm, 16 for goodness sake :P

Anyway, in case you have a sister who's about to get hitched, let me forewarn you some of the major changes you might come to encounter once she is married.

1. You need to knock before you enter her-now-their-room. No more barging in for clothes to borrow or make up to steal. It's strictly knock, or do no disturb.
2. Your sister starts looking extra nice at night. And you convinced yourself that it's just one of those days she was Paris Hilton inspired and wants to look glamorous for no reason. At all. -_-'
3. If you happen to be working in the same tower as your bother in law, it goes without saying that you're her new deliveryman. She will call you up and ask you to buy roses and chocolates and put it at your brother-in-law's workstation. Ignore the fact that you will bump into 400 other people (your boss included!) before you finally get to his workstation with the roses and chocolates in your hands.
4. You will have to adjust to sleeping alone...not fun!
5. She no longer shouts at you when it comes to that time of the month because she has found a new pillowcase to throw tantrums at. (Now, this is probably a good thing! Heheh.)

To my sister and her husband, I hope you will find marriage life enriching and beautiful. Recently I was told of two key rules to make your marriage last - "Dont get mad at the same time" and "Even if you do, your wife is always right."

Sounds fair, doesnt it? LOL. 

I know they're over the moon right now and I am more than happy for them but just in case you're reading's a tad uncool for your poor sister to be walking around with flowers that weren't meant for her! Heheh.

Now, here's to a lifetime of happiness - come what may :)


dey said...

like ;)

Anonymous said...

liking this.. so sweet. do share whois the make up artist pls =)


A-Jay said...

Neesa, congrats on your engagement!

For the nikah (ie in this post) my sister hired Ezral, but for her reception it was Sue Cantik.

You should definitely check out Sue Cantik, she's amazing!

Fatunk Lolita said...

congrats to k.azzwaa ajjie..she looks gorgeous..hehe..i'm not going to ask you when is your turn, but when the day comes, don't forget to invite me on your happy day..take care..miss you a lot=)

Nadiah said...


Who the wedding planner for this time? It's your mom?
Everything so perfect and Lovely.

Anonymous said...

i really like ur blog.. its soo simple yet inspiring!! love ur writings either! kudos!

mel said...

gorgeous!! can i know who does her nikah baju? simply stunning and superb cutting :)

A-Jay said...

Hey guys,

Wedding dress was by Jovian Mandagie and the wedding planner this time around was Pak Abu. Mom gave up on her once off career already LOL.

Thanks for the sweet compliments (:

Anonymous said...

so i should just google Sue Cantik? ;) thanks for the info ajjie


aiesya said...

sweet ;)

shera said...

"Her clothes are neatly arranged in color order and her hangers are all hung one index finger apart from each other"

azzwa mcm ni yeah? i thot i'm d only 2nd child yg mcm ni :p dah jmpa geng :) regards to azzwaa k! sgt cantiksss

Suzie said...

yes,ur sis is SO stunning...i saw the wedding at Nona Tv3 last Sunday,love her dress ^_^

Ajax Shams said...

ur sis's wedding dress is drop dead gorgeous!!!!!