Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Childhood Stories

Some people aged gracefully over time.

For some weird reason, they always act and dress right for their age. Whatever they wear seems to match effortlessly. They know when it's fashionable to wear polka dot dress and when to kiss their pink accessories and heart shaped sunnies goodbye.

Unfortunately, for some of us - common sense decided to go on a lonnngggggg vacation and came much, much later in life. I was one of them.

Needless to say, I have too many embarrassing and shameful stories growing up. Seriously, I have no idea how I managed to have some good friends back then. If I were them, I would totally turn a dear ear and a blind eye on A-Jay Junior!

My idea of fashion was beyond disastrous, I had poor sense of humor, low confidence and even worse taste in boys. It doesn't help that when I was 15, I used to be 15 kg heavier too.


When I was 12, I saw older girls in long dresses and totally adored the elegant look  but I didn't own, nor do I have the money to buy any long dresses then. So I did what I "assumed" most 12 year old girls would do then - grabbed the bottom part of my baju kurung and matched it with a top (which obviously DID NOT match). I have Absolutely. No. Freaking. Idea whose confidence I stole to walk into a birthday party in those hideous pair of outfits. (Lady Gaga's perhaps!)

A-Jay Junior had a crush on every single boy who smiled at her. If you gave her a smile, you're officially her boyfriend. If you talk to her, you two are officially married! -_-'

I blame my parents really for not sending me to co-ed school =D

I once had a crush on a friend, and poured half of Johnson baby powder on my face to impress scare him away. It wasn't my proudest moment but I thought he should have at least appreciated my efforts to look pretty and well, fairer. Hehe.

In college, when my now, ex-boyfriend was chosen to be the lead singer in a musical - I braved myself to attend the audition to test my luck. I have no idea what I was thinking because seriouslyyyy, I could make FROGS cry with my voice! I broke my arms twice that I could no longer touch my shoulder with my fingertips and I pretty much did everything wrong.

The funny thing is, it was not until a few days back that I realized I have completely outgrown the old me.

I grew up becoming the quieter among my siblings, I'm very reserved when it comes to personal feelings and I regarded my guy friends who approached me as 'friends who are just being extra nice'. I learned to realize that you should not mix your traditional wear with your halter top, that your face shouldn't be 5 tones fairer than your other body parts (lest you look pathetic) and I have come to accept that my voice is not for the public to suffer hearing from. Indeed, the society has done nothing wrong to deserve that haha.

I would have thought that I would keep these hideous stories to myself so that no one would ever know what a lame loser I was. But it actually feels good to talk of the person that you once were and how it almost seemed impossible that you have done those things you did.

The Old Me has brought more colors into my life than the Current Me could ever have. And I really have the Old Me to thank for hours of fun times recalling what it was like 10 years ago. Nothing's quite like your embarrassing childhood stories to make you go rolling on the floor, laughing with old friends!


N said...

Salam A-jay,

This entry really brought a smile to my face.

Trust me, u are not the only one.
I was once like you too. All that fashion faux pas and that 'the-guy-smiles-at-me,he-must-have-crush-on-me' moment. Hahaha.

And now I must say that u have morphed into a very very pretty lady.=)

A-Jay said...

Thanks N, its very sweet and comforting of you to say that hehe.

Anonymous said...

haha.. totally remind me of this line "Hei Raja Kapoor, kenapakah muka kau macam tepung gomak?"..;)

Toots said...

Wah. Adakah saya bagaikan Raja Kapoor? Hahaha

Nada Syazana said...

You really have metamorphosised (if this is even a word)! Unfortunately for me, I'm still stuck in caterpillar phase.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but what does it mean when someone says that " muka kamu macam teping gomak?"