Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Charity Dinner

The whole of last week seemed to pass by in a blur.

At home, one girl had wings growing behind her back, ready to fly to the moon on her wedding day. The house was filled with what felt like half of the world's population preparing for her wedding. Lets not even touch on my mother, because....well, lets put it this way - her eye beds were everyone else's combined!

Never underestimate the power of a woman.

With exams, back to back events and increasing office workload post study leave, I was literally drained.

So, besides my sister's wedding (which deserves a book post on its own), I was really looking forward to the Charity Dinner that took place last weekend at Crowne Plaza.

It was a Dinner to celebrate the 50th year of Indonesia and Malaysia diplomatic relationship, with all the proceeds going to the less fortunates in Kelantan and Surabaya.

There were quite a number of artist performing including Nora, Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim, Jamal Abdillah, Bob Tutupoly, Tengku Ryo, Anwar Fuady and Salam Pantai Timur team (which was really hilarious, not just because they're Kelantanese and I'm bias but because they were truly awesome) and a few others.

Nora, she looks beautiful adorning the hijab
Salam Pantai Timur team
 Jamal Abdillah

 Anwar Fuady, Actor of Sinetron Intan, Sekar and Cahaya
Bob Tutupoly

A few days before the dinner, my sister asked dad "Whose Bob Tutupoly?" It was the worst question to ask my father, who apparently was a die hard fan of him. 

"You don't know Bob???" He made it sounded like a sin really, not knowing Bob Tutupoly. Pffft.

" The committee should have asked for more famous singers?"

"You're saying Bob is not famous?? Havent you heard of Widuri???" his eyes were as wide as the hula-hoop by then. Heheheh. Well basically he listed 10 other songs but I really couldnt remember any of them except for the first one because it was one of the best classic of all time. It's the Indonesian version of "My Way".

After yesterday I must admit that, Bob has one of the most amazing voice I've ever heard. His experience in entertainment shone through the way he interacts with the audience and lit up the room. Towards the end of his show, he was just humming while the crowd sang unisonly to his tune. Even the VVIP, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin were singing to his tunes! The atmosphere was just awesome.

Nora and Khaty never fail to disappoint with their vocal performance but it was Jamal Abdillah who stole the show. He sang some of his classic songs which include Kau Kekasih Awal dan Akhir and even sang a song by the late Tan Sri P Ramlee - Jeritan Batinku with a vocal range hat was just out of this world!

The front of the stage was swarmed with audience trying to snap a photo of him during his performance.

He was THAT great. Of course, being a die hard fan of the singer, I could be very bias. The whole time he was performing the whole world stopped and I was grinning from ear to ear - you could literally see stars in my eyes. Heheh. At the end of his show I messaged Titts "That's it, I'm marrying Jamal. Save on the performance cost during our wedding reception."

All in all it was an awesome night, filled with energetic and lively performance by various artists. Anwar Fuady talked about the current tension between Indonesia and Malaysia openly. He lightheartedly reminded everyone that Indonesia has 230 million population and the Anti-Malaysians at most, are only 10,000 people and to these 10,000 people he said, "To hell with them!". The whole room, Malaysians and Indonesians alike applauded to the fullest.

Needless to say, it was my favorite part of the show :)



Nadiah said...

Salam Toots.

You semakin cantik!

A-Jay said...

Thank you Nadiah, usually my sisters yg get this sort of praises heheh..

ileena said...

i love bob tutpoly!!hahaha. call me old fashion..:)