Saturday, July 24, 2010

Absolute Weakness

I woke up early this morning to study and was adamant not to take any invite to go out. It's strictly, Study-Only-Saturday for me since Miss Al couldn't wake up for lunch (Yes, you read that right - LUNCH! LOL)

My sister asked if I wanted to go shopping with her and fiance and I had to walk randomly around the house for five good minutes because I needed to find the courage to say 'No' to shopping her. 

An hour later, while I was busy studying, my sister (the devil in disguise) called and insisted that i check out Laura Ashley crazy cheap sale online and yep, you guessed it right! Half a second later I was already in front of my laptop browsing Laura Ashley website. Two hours down the road, I was still in front of the laptop, happily browsing 20 other interior design websites. Heheh.

I really have a weakness for interior design.

On a bright note, I managed to add more to my collection of favorite designs folder, but for now let me leave you with one of my old time favorite:

Enjoy your weekend! :)


Nazneen said...

so beautiful! I want my future house to be like this! =D classy!

Miss Aida said...

Oh so pretty!

.. Unfortunately, for someone like me, there's no way in heck I could upkeep all that white.

But a girl can dream. :)

natasha @ muse macabre said...

Although it's all too frou frou for my liking, I do love elements from that set, like the grand chandelier and the mirrors as accents! Something about this says to me "Victorian elegance", without being gloomy or dated. (Hi, my name is Natasha, and I am addicted to interior design shows...)

A-Jay said...

Hehehe Nat so cute! I wish Msia is safe enough that we don't have to grill all our windows and doors's so much nicer without the grill!