Monday, June 14, 2010

The Most Beautiful Thing

If you were to ask a single woman in her 20s what is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, the answer would range from something G-rated like - A Sakura Garden in Japan...
So dreamy.... something less G-rated like - Brad Pitt's half naked, too-good-to-be-true body. Heheh...or maybe Hugh Jackman's. *Thinks hard* Yeah, definitely Jackman. Have you not seen Wolverine??

Okay, so he's not at his best here but you DO know what I mean, right?? :P

Anywayyyy. *push hunky pictures away from frame of mind* 

All these set of answers, be it from Team Jackman or Team Pitt simply change when they experience  indescribable, painful hours, fighting for another person's life in the labor room. Yes, I'm talking about labor pain here! *shivers*

Often I was told that the excruciating pain was simply washed away the moment they see the most beautiful thing on earth and cradle them in their arms. I still cant figure the science behind this whole thing! I mean, if a guy punches you, you'd punch him back...TWICE. But a baby caused you 10 most painful hours of your life - and in return you love him or her eternally and unconditionally.

Such is the beauty of childbirth and life itself.

I was visiting a couple of friends who are now proud mothers to two beautiful princesses - Reyhana Arissa and Delara Damia (I swear kids these days have the prettiest names!).

Princess Arissa

Princess Delara

And I realized there and then that motherhood is not just about having a cute baby to toy around with. Caring for another person, being completely selfless and giving - that's what motherhood is all about. And it's so wonderful to see your friend, the person you used to spend endless nights giggling away, watching movie marathons, playing futsal with, turns into this wonderful, selfless being - A mother.

Mommy Elany

Mommy Farah

I'm sure every girl - at one point in our life - cringes at the thought of labor pain (apparently the most painful thing after death?!). But isn't it amazing that after marriage and a husband to share your life with, the fear simply washes away and the excitement of building life together overwhelms everything else? :)

"Cant we just faint, wake up the next day healthy, painless and therefore relieved, realizing that our baby is already born into this world? Everyone will be happy!" my friend once quipped.

Coward girls we are, really! Heheh.

I have no idea what sort of mother I will be (Controlling, tick. Embarrassing, tick.) But to Elany and Farah, this is an exciting new journey for the two of you. Life is so much more meaningful when you have a family to share it with and I hope your princesses will grow beautifully with iman and that you'll be bringing handsome heart breakers into this world too! :)



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leesa said...

i swear, we ladies must experience this! all of us.. we would be incomplete without going through that.. this is such a sweet and eye-opening post toots.. and i must agree, babies these days are so blessed with beautiful names..

A-Jay said...

Thanks Leesa. Not sure if I'm looking fwd to what will be, the most painful hours of my life (my kids better be good to me!)Hahaha.

(nothingness) said...

as much as i agree that it is a beautiful thing ... to say that woman is incomplete without a child... now tell that to the millions the women who cannot bear a child

YaYa said...

amin to the iman with the children.

ps cant help but notice faiz's comment. bearing a child and being with a child is different no?

(nothingness) said...

we're talking about childbirth kan? what i meant is " say that woman is incomplete without (giving birth to) a child"

Miss Aida said...

The pictures are adorable!

I think children are a personal choice - and yes, there is possibly nothing quite like altering a life by being put in the responsibility of another's, by whatever means.

A-Jay said...

Faiz: me thinks leesa is referring to both experiences - bearing and raising a child. I could be wrong though :)

While the experience of childbirth is definitely out of the world, its the whole experience of raising a child that (to me) is most enriching. We're talking about lifetime commitment! *wipes forehead*

natasha @ muse macabre said...

Not to be sour grapes, but further to Faiz's point... some women *choose* not to have children, so does that make us 'selfish', 'incomplete', and 'unwomanly'?

That hardly seems fair, because you're so right, bringing a child (or two or three or more!) into this world means a lifetime commitment and not something one should do just coz we've got ovaries.

Just sayin'.