Thursday, May 27, 2010

Looking Back

Growing up, Titts and I have always been over protected by our parents.

While our friends roamed happily from one friend's house to another and spent the evenings at the playground, us two kids had to bite our lips and drag our reluctant feet home every time an invite to the playground came in after school.

We went through an early period of depression, relishing to the world how unfair life is and how much we needed our freedom - words of frustrations embedded in our volumes of (rather embarrassing) diaries, exchangeable only between the two of us.

My parents were harder on me, than Titts parents were on her then. While Titts had her (more than)  fair share of boyfriends, my one and only attempt to have a boyfriend was beyond disastrous. I remember vividly my mother scolding my innocent, completely clueless 11 year old boyfriend over the phone - lecturing him on how ridiculous it was to fall in 'love' at such tender age -  as I stared at her with disbelieving eyes and mouth wide open.

I'm not sure if I ever recover from the incident.

Fifteen years later, nothing much has changed. But the game has twist a little as I gain more freedom from my parents than Titts could ever imagine possible from her parents. In all honesty, I do admit that there are times when I daydream of life with greater freedom  - but the worst part is that I actually understand the underlying reason for my parents' realistic decisions. I do realize that it is their upbringing that has shaped me to become the person I am today. And for that, I am thankful.

After all, if it wasn't for our strict parents and their "You befriend no one else but her" rule- these two kids wouldn't have ended up being best friends for life.


Fatunk said...

hehe..true enough dear..Your parents brought you up well..if not i wouldn't get to have a good and trusted friend like you..Thanks for lending me your shoulder when we were in school..miss you a lot..take care and wish you all the best in life..

Anonymous said...

I've seen you somewhere toots!
Gorgeous lady you are and from the way you walked that day, did I think you're such a well mannered lady! I'm also assuming that you're very humble even though you're someone's daughter.

Stay like this forever. Your parents brought you up so well.


A-Jay said...

Thanks guys, the compliments are much too kind but I do hope I become a better person over time - don't we all? :)

Miss Aida said...

Nicely written, the trials and tribulations of friendship! :) Nothing quite replaces those childhood memories.

Titts said...

DUDE I HAD ONLY A FEW EX-BOYFRIENDS! ONE OR SOMETHING.. the rest don't count, how many times do I have to tell you?! ugh.

aww this post makes me wanna cry... that twist you talked about is definitely right! hmphh.

i lap youuuuuuuuu *envelopes a biggg bear giant T-rex hug and a big wet tsunami sloppy kishhh*

p/s: you look retarded in that photo. can't believe we were friends then.

A-Jay said...

Oh please, no girl liked you then! You were lucky to have the retarded girl around HAHAH

messi said...

hi toots, you have a nice blog here. enjoy reading ur blog :)

A-Jay said...

Thanks Messi. 'You' happen to be my favorite star of all time! :)

Anonymous said...

is it the two of you...vivy (titts) and toots...omg, both of you are sooo cute...but toots you're taller than vv...keep up blogging...i love to read your posts..