Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Birthday.

We can only grow older in life.

This can be stressful if you think and think and think about it over and over and over again.Which is why you need people to remind you that growing old does not necessarily mean giving up the wonderful, carefree side of life.

Besides my family, my circle of close friends has a very short diameter - which is why they are very dear to me.

Since I was 9 years old to this very day, Titts is the friend I would run to when tears flood my eyes - when I'm too embarrassed to show the world the more fragile side of me.

And then there's Bubs and Bloss - the friends that I could relate to in so many ways. They seemed to bring out the best in me with their little excitements and contagious laughter.

It is nice going through life with these girls. They reminded me that no matter how far you've come in life - the best things in life are still free.

This birthday, Titts routine sleepover made me realized how thankful I am to have a best friend who knows me inside out for 14 years and counting. Lighthearted birthday dinner with Bubs and Bloss made me realized that life should not always be taken too seriously. Never mind the fact that they made me wear a tiara on my birthday - I still had lots and lots of embarrassingly fun moments.

We actually had a series of superfun photo shoot in the restaurant (courtesy of Professor Utonium), despite the waiter's genuine look of disbelief. Hahahah. You could bet that this was the one and only time I  could be caught wearing a tiara in a public restaurant :P

I guess once in a while its fun to bring out the 5 year old girl in us :) With or without a tiara on our head, here's to all the ladies reading this blog, and here's to growing old gracefully.



zatilaqmar said...

ajjie u look gorgeous :) love the pictures!

and once again,happy birthdayy :))

A-Jay said...

thanks atil! I'm actually quite embarrassed to put the pictures up...hehhe.

Anonymous said...

my goodness, you look amazing! embarassed? dont be! you are a gorgeous lady! =)

zatilaqmar said...

why??seriously you look amazing!i like the last pic,mcm queen :)

i miss u lah :( can me and hawe crash ur place lagi?this time i wont fall asleep in the middle of when harry met sally,i promise!hahah

btw,come to japan la,next week yana dtg sini :)

A-Jay said...

Babes, if i have the money (and free time) I would fly to Japan day in and day out! Heheheh

Thanks Anon, thats much too kind of you :)

csm said...

when i saw d last pict of u with that tiara, i was like 'omg! lawanya!!!'. masa seakan-akan terhenti for a minute because seriously ajjie, u're so gorgeous!

khairi's one lucky man :)

fitri ezwan said...

happy birthday =)

A-Jay said...

Dr fit! Thank you, hope you're well :)

csm, his name s not khairi..hehhe but thanks, I'll make sure he reads your comment LOL.

Nazneen said...

i wouldnt mind wearing tiara everyday! LOL. If only I was a princess ;) I actually own a real tiara. Dee bought it for me for my 18th birthday!

A-Jay said...

Somehow I can imagine u being a real princess Neen - complete with tiara, dusty pink princessy dress all :)

csm said...

omg! not khairi? but it surely starts with 'k' ayte? haha! silly me! *jumps from the 2nd floor of the hostel building*

YaYa said...

I am a tiara! Wear me !!!!


Cantik dan manis sungguh kamu ajjie :)

Miss Aida said...

Aji, the photos are gorgeous and it looks like so much fun! I miss you girls! :(

Hope you had a fantastic day, xoxo. :)