Sunday, April 4, 2010

Small Gestures Count

Two days ago, I received an unexpected phone call on my birthday.

It was not a call to wish me happy birthday, but it was a  good surprise nonetheless. So surprised I was, that I went clueless when he mentioned his first name because it honestly never occurred to me the person who called could be him.

Oh, my! Hahah.
When I realized who I was talking to, I sat there and stared into space as he waited for the voice that never came for five solid seconds. Hahahahh. Naturally, I embarrassed myself with my unprepared reaction, wishing so hard at one point to vanish into thin air for being so embarrassing!

We talked on leadership and career path, a bit on the philosophies of life, and the right attitude required in each and everyone of us. A gentle reminder on how simple life is really, and how we complicate it with our fears and hesitancy to believe in our full potential.

"If you really want something - you will do anything to get it. And if at one point you stopped trying, it's just as simple as you don't really want it in the first place."

"You will face many hurdles in your early career. Disappointment and frustrations and sometimes it feels like nothing is fair but the important thing is to rebound from all the setbacks that have pulled you down. Experience after all, will give you character."

"Don't ever let your degree restricts your career path. There is so much more to learn beyond  the red stamped paper you received on your graduation day."

I wrote once in my blog, that the corporate world has been generous enough to let me learn from different personalities that I have met in my career line. And once in a while, you're lucky enough to meet a humble leader who would actually take the time to pick up the phone to call and give advices to one of his more than 30,000 employees.

As much as I want to build my technical and business knowledge, sometimes its this out-of-job-scope experience that gives meaning to the work I do. It is a gentle pat on the back that puts me back on track and made me realized why I do what I want to do. I don't think he would ever realize how big an impact his small gesture had on me, and I could only pray that others will see him the way I see him and that his humility will be one character that stays and defines him.  

Someday, God willing I will be great - and I will make others feel great the way he made me felt on my birthday. Let greatness be a disease we are willing to spread!


aLiAa said...

i hope i get infected by some of that greatness tooo...hehe...
i love how these small tiny moments in our lives make sooo much, let's all be great together!! ;)


Cee said...

who who? ;p
Ajie, Happy Birthday again!!
and Hi Aliaa :)

aLiAa said...

hello Cee :)

oh yea...who who?? ;p

A-Jay said...
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A-Jay said...

One of our Vice Presidents. I'm still struck by his humility!

ladycapulet said...

datuk anuar? en wan zulkiflee? en arif? which one? jealoussss! :(

A-Jay said...

Hahaha...lady capulet nothing to be jealous about was en arif, he was really nice. Do we know each other? I reckon you're from the same co? :)