Monday, February 15, 2010

The Spa and Medbeauty

My sister is currently having the best time of her life with her friends in Pulau Tioman, yet another popular island in Malaysia. She's sooo thoughtful to send Titts and I a 3 page long sms on how awesome her holiday is while Titts and I conveniently sits at home in our pajamas, staring into spaces.

Fuelled by jealousy, I decided to have an awesome weekend too. Called some friends to cook up a plan. We decided that it's high time we pamper ourselves and go for a spa.

I came across the Saujana in the internet and decided to pay this place a visit. It was undoubtedly love at first sight for me.

The Spa and Medbeauty at The Saujana is an exclusive spa boutique located close to the Subang Airport. Each individual/couple will get his/her/their own spa villa,located in a tropical rainforest. The place seriously breathes beauty, luxury and 1st class comfort.

The Medbeauty system developed by a Swiss dermatologist uses plant stem cells for beauty and anti ageing benefits.

The signature indulgent oriental ritual - The Saujana is a three hours worth of heaven on earth. The package includes an aromatherapy foot polish, signature massage, swiss facial, foot massage, body polish and an oriental bathing ritual in soft rose petals (I swear the list seemed endless when I first read it!)

You are spoiled with two therapists to pamper you to the limit and you can even tailor your package to your needs i.e scrap the foot polish for a longer massage. The facial and foot massage are done simultaneously for absolute indulgence!! That last bit seriously got our eyeballs rolling on the floor.

The bomb that killed us low income earners were of course, the price. The best package that we were dying to experience was priced at RM780. With an AMEX credit card you can get 20% discount but that is still a whopping RM640 for an intangible, once off experience! I wanted to give in so much to the temptation of being pampered for 180 minutes but I could faintly here my bank account says "Please dont rob me off just yet! We have bills to pay!!!"

I tried to come up with reasons.

That I could pay by installments to my dad or I could do it annually so when you think of it that way, I only spend about RM60 per month for a once off experience. That's only about RM2 per day, definitely affordable! I was at the tip of agreeing, I even fantasized on the idea of my darling father lifting me off my financial burdens. In my wonderful dream, he said "Anything for my darling daughter, your happiness and health is priceless."

But of course, that will only happen in my dreams. When I told my mom about it, she thought I have gone crazy and that I needed a reality check.

Oh well.

Maybe I'll start my saving now. That way I will appreciate my indulgence better when I get them.

So I walked out of the spa boutique heavy-hearted, as my arms, legs, face and entire body cries in agony. Somehow I could almost feel my bank account gave myself a pat on the back...and that made a difference :D


Miss Aida said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh - to be able to afford pampering at spas like that, day in day out.

There's a really good one at the Hilton I think, it's amazing and very affordable. Nik has the information, I'll try and get it from her.

Anonymous said...

omg! i salute youu :)
one thing for sure that i know about you - you come from a very rich family.. your dad is 'someone' in kelantan

having said all that, im just sooo proud of you that you could resist the temptation..
i know u can afford it toots!

kudos to u!!

A-Jay said...

Thanks Anon, I guess parents could afford it, but for us fresh graduates, we have to specialize in drooling over what we cant get hehehehh.

Aida : Oh, do share. But The Saujana is like the bomb babe, you should have seen that heavenly place...nothing comes close! Heheh.

Titts said...

omg you are CRAZY!!! when i got the call "Titts, 780 for 3 hour spa. Jom?" i just wanted to hang up hahahaha. would rather save up for, maybe?!

i still have that 3 page long sms from Waa. green with envy.

A-Jay said...

We'll have our secret retreat soon Titts, just get your strawhat ready!!! :)))))

Anonymous said...

quite interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

hatim a.r said...

hahahaha at first i tot this is an advertorial post promoting the spa.last-last 780?bye. hahahaha never mind save up 1st!

Shaq said...

your post tempt me. argh!!! bloody expensive though.

btw, i'll be back in KL again mid march. definitely have to catch up this time!!!

A-Jay said...

It IS very pricy! But makes you wonder what an 800 bucks worth of pampering is like :)

Dear Anon,
I don't do twitter...yet(hhehe)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)

aLiaA said...

dude!!! that's crazyyyy....i wonder.... after the heavenly cheap ass massage we had in kk, how would u actually feel after this one!!! ~drools~

but, goood self-restraining babe!!! haha...

A-Jay said...

omg aliaa we should go there again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dreamy eyes*

aLiAa said...

yesssss!!!! we soooo should darling!!!
i can imagine it now....~sigh