Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Promise, Delivered.

I was skyping with my boyfriend the other day, and I started talking about my blog.

In all seriousness I said,"I lost one blog follower today!"

"What happened to him/her?" he asked, concerned.

"Nothing. She just decided to stop following my blog" I chirped, smiling sheepishly.

"Expected, your blog is so boring and you're not consistent with your blog. I would stop following your blog too if I was one of them"

He must have been sorry he said that, because what followed was a series of lectures on how I am the busiest person on this planet that no one comes close - not even Mr Obama himself. The lecture went on and on and somehow it dragged to a point where I told him that he never understands me and my busy schedule, rarely considers how busy I am, never makes a point to ask how my lunch was and what did I have for dinner and why am I wearing a pink shirt to work. 

All the while he was quiet as I continued my series of very important lectures until I realized I was not making any sense and should seriously just shut myself up. Heheh.

"......endless work....not enough sleep...yalalala.....can't shop...can't breathe....cant think.....and that just goes to show how BUSY I am and how impossible it is to be me!" I concluded with a serious nod, trying so hard to sound smart and convincing while he stared at me, point blank.

"You're absolutely right, you're very busy," he said after a moment of silence.

"I am!

"I just agreed with you."

"You should!"

"I should, and I am." he said calmly.

"Ok. Good."  I said, eyebrows still forming a frown on my forehead.

We stared at each other and five seconds down the road, my lips was curving a smile that later burst into a five minutes worth of laughter.It's funny how he could, almost effortlessly, make me feel stupid.

And then an idea struck me.

"Maybe I should write something about you!"

He agreed almost instantaneously. Suddenly, he made me felt like the genius of all ages, that my idea was the most briliantest idea he has ever heard of in a long, long time.

"You should definitely write about me!"  

His turn to sound stupid, I thought with an evil laugh. 
This would definitely be fun.

"What should I write about you?" I asked, trying to sound serious.

"That I am smart, handsome and funny. That I am very understanding - did I not mention smart before? That I am going to be the best doctor in the universe. Oh, and please don't leave out the fact that I'm the best footballer in Melbourne, and that Manchester United rocks my socks off."

I smiled sweetly.

" Oh well...if you insist. I will  put it in my blog."



lala :) said...

i think i know who d guy is!
is it that kelantanese guy?

so cute la both of u :D

A-Jay said...

It should be :)

hawe said...

br je td i realized u've updated ur relationship status and now an entry about him?

wow ajie.hahahha!remember how u cursed me on our last sleepover?pffffftt!happy for u! :P

kaykaygal said...

awwwww so sweeeeettt!

hehehe finally!!!! :P :P

*high five*

aina m khairi said...

helloo ajjieeeebooo! SWEETNYA YOU!
;) pda much? hehehe...

YaYa said...

Post made me smile! Good stuff :)

A-Jay said...

This is soooo not PDA okay! :P

aLiAa said...

this is very PDA dude!!! hahahahaha.....

PS: it's very hard for me to read without having a mental image of HIM! hahahaha.....

PSS: I love this post!

PSSS: I love u two!! :)

A-Jay said...

Hahhaha. What nonsense! I LOVE YOU MOST mwahs.

engineer wannabe said...

im with aliaa..i can imagine curry said it..well..with kelantanese accent..haha

AWWWWWWWWWW (neen must hate me coz I dont hv time for skype nowadays..please delete this post..hahaha)

Anonymous said...

Hmm that's very interessting but actually i have a hard time visualizing it... wonder how others think about this..

A-Jay said...

Hahaha. You're right anon, it's not accurate line by line, but the msg is still the same.

If you know him, i'm sure u can imagine him bragging :)