Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Story of a Certain Diory.

Titts got me this, as a super duper late birthday present :

The color is actually dark green but I dunno why it looked even nicer in pictures! *jumps in joy*

And this deserves a post because :

1. I've been looking for a green top for AGES.
2. I wanted the top at first glance but couldn't bring myself to sign the check because obviously, fresh graduates with minimum wages go for Chanel, Prada and nothing less. Heheh.
3. It's my current favorite top!
4. It's her first ever, birthday present to me in our 12 years of friendship. Hahahhah. (Okok, I kid...it's actually her 2nd :P)

When I jokingly told her "OMG, This is your first EVER birthday present to me Titts!" She laughed the hardest and told me to shut up. Obviously she didn't remember the first time she gave me a birthday present. So Titts, meet Diory, the first birthday present I received from you half a decade ago:


It was Saturday night and we went to Victoria Institution with Yaya and her then boyfriend just to watch some boys knock some drums and blow some stuff. Heeee. (You can guess who's the loyal Victorian who managed to persuade us to celebrate my birthday in a school compound!) Later, we drove to Naili's for dinner.

Titts wore a white sleeveless with green cropped cardigan, while I....well, lets not get to my fashion disaster days. Hehe. Whatever I was wearing on my 18th birthday, I'm pretty sure it's something weird, with horrible color combination and a little glitter here and there HAHAH

And on our way to Naili's, she gave me a fake Dior wallet and I was soooo excited that I didn't even realized it was fake.

"It's actually fake you know?"
"Who CARES??? You freaking gave me a birthday present! This should go down the history of mankind!" I replied.

Realizing her trick did not work, she laughingly pulled out Diory from her handbag and my jaw dropped to the floor and never returned. Heheh.

I wore the wallet for years, until the color turned grey and I sadly realized it was time to move on as I embrace my new wallet and keep Diory in my drawer.

Half a decade later, it's still there, tucked safe in my drawer as the perfect birthday gift to my daughter when she too, turns 18. In my head I could imagine myself telling my daughter, "Diory was given to me when I was 18, and you will pass this to your daughter too when she turns 18. Hopefully, the color completely changes to black by then so it could be, in a way, brand new." Hahahah.

Five years down the road, she will surprise me with another birthday present but until then, I'm pretty sure nothing beats Diory.


(nothingness) said...

this post makes me smile :)

by the way ... i'm coming home for good next week . things are bleak, but hey at least it wont get any worse than it already has

can't wait to see ya

Nada Syazana said...

Hey! That top looks like a mesh-up of Javanese & Indian culture - I love!! Not many girls our age appreciate such richness. Fashion-numb ol me vote for anything that reflects culture. Oh Ajjie, you really have taste! ;)

QueenieRa said...

what a nice friendship you have !

~!~ checkin in ~!~

Not Titts said...



Fatunk said...

this post is soo sweet ajjie..you eally share a true friendship with titts...you take care girl..miss you a lot=)

A-Jay said...

Thanks guys.

'Not Titts', you were my missing puzzle...now it all makes sense! I knewwww she had hidden agendas pssscht.

Faiz, back for good...seriously?? Yay!:)