Friday, December 11, 2009

Train Talk

I took the public transport home again yesterday. And it's the first time I was actually hitching a ride during peak hour.

Oh, the horror!

The queue seemed endless, and it was almost impossible to flood into a train that's already flooded with people.

The worst part for me as a woman was to be sooo physically close to strangers in the train. I tried to take things lightly, messaging my best friend that I'm having an ass rubbing experience with strangers, but I just couldn't take it after a while.

I actually felt like crying.

I HATED the fact that my back is pressed against a stranger's body, my face merely inches from another man's face. I don't think any girl should ever be THAT close to people they don't know, especially considering the nature and contours of our body.

The government should really step up with the public transport. They keep on saying that we have 1st class facility but 3rd class mentality.

I beg to differ.

It's not enough to have first class facility in place. We need first class system and first class execution as well. When people could not rely on the system, they switch to depend on their survival skills. And the pushing begins.

There is a reason why projects go in phases. It is to identify loopholes and improve prior to larger implementation. Extending the railway to Subang Jaya and making LRT more accessible without addressing the density problem first is like calling a MAYDAY.

The 5 minutes interval between two train is ridiculous. Trains need to be more frequent during peak hours because every time a train arrives, only TEN people per line could smash their body into the pool of mankind. Hundreds more are lining up, and the queue just gets longer.

Maybe the Prime Minister should make it compulsory for ministers to take the LRT ride home once a month. And then we'll see who's pushing who :P


YaYa said...




i think one of my biggest fear (if I move to KL) IS the transportation

and I think becaus maybe I'm use to the trams here, I am totally petrified and dissapointed.

oh i can imagine the body-body contact


Anonymous said...

One of the many reasons I hate going to work. Oh the horror! Wake up 5 minutes late and you're doomed. Just wish I'm rich enough to buy my own car =(