Monday, December 7, 2009

Petrol Me Not

There are not many things I will admit to the whole world but this, is an exception : I am the best driver on the road.

The type that drives 20km p/hour on a highway, reluctantly tries to change lanes, makes abrupt breaks, honks a little too much and, ah get the picture.

Because I am the most considerate person in the whole world, as much as possible I try not to drive on my own. (I know how annoying it is to have drivers like me on the road, thanks.) On a more serious note, I realized my incompetent driving will endanger not only myself but also OTHERS on the road.

So do I stay home 24/7 immobile, jobless and paranoid of the roads?

Well well lucky me, I have a set of wonderfulllll friends.

Introducing Mr T and Mr K who relentlessly drive me to the office and send me home in one piece almost every day.

Also, Bubbs and Bloss who were always trying to meet up somewhere convenient for me to drive i.e. within 5 km radius from my home.

Of course, these people are not imaginary friends, I just thought these pure, sincere souls would not want their good deeds publicized. Heheh.

But they too have their own life to live, and granted, I am no where near the top priority list. Heheh. That's how I learn to know of LRT, MRT, ERT and every other TTTTs in the world. I got to know some nice taxi drivers along the way and forge a close friendship with my pakcik, the one with the car key of course! ;)

However, there will be days when no one could offer me a ride home, my body feels sick and cramming with hundreds other people in the LRT feels very...unattractive. Today was one of those rare days.

Hence, I tried my luck with a new found friend, or better still - a new found neighbor today. Set aside my pride and asked if he, (whom I've only met three times really) was nice enough to give me a lift home just this one time.

Who could say no to a girl with no ride home?

It's the best trick in the world! I was happy to leave the office early, not knowing what was in store for me.

New found neighbor, Mr Z was only starting the engine when he laughingly told me the car's petrol alarm is already up and blinking. I looked at the indicator - "35kms to go"

"Our neighborhood is less than 15km away but you might as well fill up the tank lest you will have to do that early morning tomorrow"

"It's okay I can always do it on any other day" he insisted.

Two minutes down the road, we were talking and laughing with the air cond on full blast and the radio playing typical songs.

"Oh my God, look at the traffic!"

"I told you, better fill your tank today!"

15 minutes and 5 laughters later...

"You know, we're still where we were 15 minutes ago!"

"Oh my GOD! 15 KM?!!" I pointed to the petrol indicator. The car can only travel 15 kms more before it comes to an abrupt STOP. This is Armageddon for me.

"Howw..what..whyy..where...WHATTT?!!" I stammered.

"Switch off the aircond, drive carefully, start driving to the side of the road, look out for a petrol station in the GPS, DO SOMETHING!!" Before long, I was the commander in chief. Heheh.

We took a left turning to Jalan Dang Wangi and parked our car just in time when the petrol indicator hit "0 KM to go".

Lucky luck luck.

We walked out of the car, slightly embarrassed and humored, having had to ask strangers for the nearest petrol station in the drizzling rain. We made our way to the petrol station and had a light-hearted chat with the cashier before Mr Z decided to walk away with 10 litres of petrol WITHOUT paying.

"Excuse mee, where do you think you are you going?!?!" says uncle petrol station, loud and clear for the world to hear.

We looked back - bottles of petrol on both hands, confused.

"Money!! Money, you haven't paid!!!"

Thanks to Uncle Petrol Station, the whole crowd now think we're desperate burglars! We walked quickly back to uncle, made the payment and walked off - this time for real, laughing at how silly we were the whole time.

It was my longest journey home, but it was one to remember definitely. I feel very heroic already, capable of joining Fear Factor, Amazing Race and the lot!

Just need to find a partner capable of doing the dirty work for me. Hmmm.


Nada Syazana said...

Lol Ajjieboojie! That's one hell of an experience! Glad you got home in one piece :)

A-Jay said...

I knowww righttt!!! But omg, i dunno how it turned out to be so much funn! (As long as it's a once off thing I suppose.) God knows what my reaction would be if this happens again, I'll have fumes coming out of my ears HAHAH

Bloss said...

OMG I need updates pls! This is hilarious! What else is going on between u and Mr Z? *wink wink* hehe

A-Jay said...

Bloss : Huh?? It's just a once off thing! Anyway, hope you're feeling better *hugs*

Nada Syazana said...

Lol! Yeahhh. When you're innit, you're in so much distress. When you're over it, you're laughing your ass off. I totally know what you mean. And *ehem* Mr.Z? Can't believe I missed that small detail.