Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Red Warriors - Updated

We're in the finals again!!! *Happy Dance* It's gonna be an AWESOME night tonight.
Gomo Kelate gomo!

Updates :

By now, everyone would know that we did not win the Piala Malaysia....for now, that is :) But I still feel like sharing my experience, especially after a message sent from an old friend, wishing she was there to support our home team with me! :))

When I reached the stadium, I was crazy proud to see a sea of Kelantanese supporters flooding the stadium :

And a teardrop of N9 supporters coming to the match, hehe:

The fun, enthusiastic atmosphere did not last long, unfortunately. We were left behind by one goal, and then two...and as if that's not bad enough - a penalty was called for and we were left behind by THREE. FREAKING. GOALS.

Absolutely not cool.

It rained, and rained, and rained and I remembered thinking "Even the earth is crying!"

So the scene changed to this:

One by one (or more like, thousand by thousand!) of the Red Warriors supporters left the stadium and before long this was what's left of us when Indra scored the one and only goal for Kelantan:

On one hand, I am very touched by the efforts made by Kelantanese nation wide - braving the flood, the long hours journey and expected traffic for a mere two hours session in the stadium. A part of me wished we had won, and they would go home with a smile plastered on their face despite the flood and other shortcomings hitting the state of Kelantan.

It is almost sinful not to win after such a huge turnout of supporters!

But another part of me simply could not fathom the act of hooliganism. Even the Brits are world famous for hooliganism, so really - I'm no expert in this. I have guy friends who take MCs on the next working day when their favorite team looses a game, and I couldn't fathom THAT too.

Apparently I was told it has a lot to do with pride.
To which I replied - "Hah?"


Titts said...

gomo la sangat...

~Puteri-Nuur~ said...


aiesya said...

tgk bola kee??

gomo gomo!

Anonymous said...

bakar Kelate bakar!!!


Anonymous said...

bakar Kelate bakar!!!


A-Jay said...

Wah.Mungkin tak perlu ulang 2 kali? Hahahaha.

Hooliganism aside, I'm happy to see football is finally getting massive response in Msia :)