Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When You're Well Behaved - Reward Yourself!

It is now the month of Syawal in the Islamic Calendar. Syawal is associated with joy and freedom - what with us Muslims celebrating Eid after one month of fasting - from food and from doing anything inappropriate.

It is in this month that we're encouraged to fast for 6 days.

Fasting in Syawal helps cover for any shortfalls in our ibadahs performed in Ramadhan. It also signifies that all the good deeds practiced in Ramadhan should be continuous in nature. Our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) further conveyed that those who fast in the month of Ramadhan, followed by 6 days of Syawal will be granted the reward of 1 year of fasting. Points will be beeping down our afterlife account like nobody's business :)


(Yes, there's a but to it!)

Fasting during this time is not easy mind you, what with the countless invites to open houses, kuih raya feasts and endless list of lunch dates after a month of fasting during the day. It is the time when hampers are ripped open, and the joy of sharing food during the day is truly appreciated.

Take for example, my experience fasting a few days ago.

When I stepped into my office, immediately I was greeted by my superior, extending a handful of kuih raya for my tasting. But the mega challenge was not until lunch time when E and Sarah insisted on meeting up for lunch because Hafriz's back from New Zealand. I decided to go, just to hang out and catch up for a bit. My friends were so considerate of me fasting that they decided to have lunch at Madam Kwan's AND go for a drink at Santini too. HAHAH

I tried to keep myself occupied by talking, breathing, looking up, looking down and twirling my hair but really, how can one escapes from looking at those sumptous servings! It was harder than I thought it would be! Every food looked sooo delicious. Even the table looked like cadbury after some time! SIGH.

Evil served on cadbury table


It must have been the longest lunch date, EVER. The good news is, I made it through the day! So I decided to give myself a little treat for being so disciplined. Introducing my little reward in the form of - Batik Cake (Kek Batik)! (Simply because I was thinking of good ol times in Clayton eating Kek Batik with Yano and Nadalins.)

Kek Batik is probably the easiest cake to make. All you have to do is stir butter, milo, cocoa powder and sweet condensed milk together, and mix it with crunched maries. It was love at first bite for me!

Today I was not fasting because we had a department-wide open house. I looked at the lemangs and lontongs and immediately thought of my food-deprived day. Perhaps my reward period should be extended to a few days. Heheh. So I ate (and ate and ate and ate...) like nobody's business and when we went back to work, I was a buffalo with eyes halved open.

At this point I couldn't help thinking, when will baby fat be the new skinny???!


Titts said...

When you're well behaved - reward yourself --- i've been very very very well behaved in malls and shops...i shall reward myself with some pretty shoes, and handbags, and clothes. :)

YaYa said...

i tak puasa also the meja looks like cadbury already !

A-Jay said...

The symptoms of a shopaholic and a chocoholic :D