Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Friends.

A friend told me recently that my blog was getting more and more boring. (How dare he, right??)

I rolled up my sleeves, wasted no time, and launched into World War III with Dear Friend. After all, it is often the closest of friends who would come upfront and criticize me openly, making me question why we're even friends in the first place, hahah.
So this post is dedicated to him and another him - who apparently don't read this boring blog but miraculously know that it is boring :P


There are friends whom we clicked with instantly and there are those who we never imagined would some day be our closest friends. Even Titts and I were the worst of enemies before we decided to chuck away our claws and mellow into being the best of friends.

Some friends, undoubtedly remain friends for life.

However, from experience I learned that like it or not, there will be those
who will slowly dissipate into thin air. Friend A found Boyfriend B and had less time to spare for Friend C. Friend D moved away and found it less convenient to keep in touch with Friend C. Poor Friend C sooner or later found new set of friends.
Somehow, I'd like to believe that it is okay to grow apart.

Like a favorite top from the past that you could no longer fit in, sometimes the fit between two friends simply changes over time.

So long you don't sleep wishing Ex-Friend will be eaten by a Mamee Monster, growing apart is fine by me.

Granted, this is coming from me - who
is definitely NOT a trophy friend :P I'm the type who wouldn't be bothered to call and keep in touch, and still expects to be in your good friends list at the end of the day! *flips hair

It's not that I love my friends less but sometimes as we grow older, the crush of responsibilities makes it hard to maintain the routine of old, carefree days.
To appreciate quality time spent with those around us, and to be in good faith with those who are far from us - I guess these are the essences of genuine, lasting friendship.

So here's to low maintenance friendship! :)



hawe said...

u surely NOT a trophy friend. but i love u still. :)

loving the naked truth of ur post nonetheless.

*muke xmalu onite ur house almost every year?!haha!muuuuuah!*

Fiza-K said...

How sweet :D

A-Jay said...

Thanks Fiza.

Yeah, Hawee you're really the tak malu liddat HAHAH

A-Jay said...

Anyway i think with true friends, you can lost touch for years and still, everything will fit perfectly fine when you're together again :)

Nada Syazana said...

It's an ideal - people wanting to remain BFFs forever. But reality is, there's so much to life - responsibilities, aspirations - that it's hard to maintain the relationship. But, we can always try...and keep friends in mind. If friends have not paved our path of life thus far, they would've at least made the walk a pretty one :)

Ugh, I talk too much.

Btw, how on earth do you & Fiza get to know each other?

Titts said...

you are DEFINITELY not a trophy friend!!

your best friend has been sick for a week (and not the mengada kind OK!) , not even a drop of chicken soup has been sent. and since you live 1 minute away, there is NO EXCUSE!!

A-Jay said...

I think she discovered my blog through Titts' but I'm not so sure myself. You girls are friends???

Titts : You know what they say...your best friend reflects you! But I'm just gonna prove that statement wrong by saying "Get Well Soon!" :))))

kaykaygal said...


"He" (the one in the photo?) is expected to be very the "honest". Like the rest of them? I dah biasa dah kene LOL.


erina_z said...

Was blog hopping from Rusy's. Hehe this blogging world is getting smaller and smaller.

Btw. I totally agree that friends come and go. I mean, it's not like we're suddenly enemies, but everyone just moves forward (including me) with more and more responsibilities and we can never have that same close friendship we used to have.

But I do know, that I can certainly count on them when I need them the most ;)

p/s: Is that who I think it is? Rumet? Mcm ye, tapi mcm tak haha.

Nways take care! :)

Cee said...

i like low maintenance friendship too :)

(nothingness) said...

me three, cee.

and yes, people do grow apart. the earlier we accept this the better for the friendship.

A-Jay said...

Rusy, honesty is banned from their dictionary hahaha

Yes erin, it's rumate's bad hair day! hehehe.

Cee and nothingness, you two are definitely in my list of low maintenance friendship!

Nada Syazana said...

Yea, Fiza & I were in SMBU. Her class was just next door. The following year we were classmates for 2 weeks before I was whisked off to Sains Muar. I assume she knows Titts (seriously Ajjie...Titts?) then?

Miss Aida said...

LOL - I think the older you get, the more important the concept of low maintenance friendship is! I like that phrase. :)