Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LV, anyone?

SIGH. I am absolutely not going to defend the owner but lets talk about branding.

What is it about LV that just excites people??

Many wants to own one - the boss, the stylish wife, the kids who know peanuts about value of money and the list goes on. All the designer has to do is scribble the monogram all over the bag and some people will actually drooool over it. You always hear people complaining about those fake handbags etc etc but really if you think about it, these fake items are walking adverts!

Some buy these fake items hoping that one day they will earn enough to own a real one. And even if they can't afford an LV, they'll force money into their accounts to have at least one of the monogram collections - food, kids, necessities and everything else in between have got to wait....for an original LV.

Some call it a sense of accomplishment but whatever it is, LV has been the talk of town.

Owned by those fortunate enough to afford one (or a cabinet-full!) and talked by others. While catering for a niche market, it's presence is felt in all level of society...and I really think it has these china made products to thank for this!


hawe said...

hawe likes this. ;)

A-Jay said...

...and A-Jay likes Hawe!

engineer wannabe said...

haha..reminds me of the LV surfboard in Colbie Caillat video..