Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Starting small

When I first started working, I wasn't the happiest person to be around.

For me, it's quite a struggle to revert to the routined lifestyle we kissed goodbye after high school. Getting used to corporate culture is not just about looking professional, it's also about being professional - and it's a journey of discovery altogether.

Sometimes I reach home too tired to do anything else but sleep. It wasn't long before I started questioning myself.

Is this really what I want to do in life?

Can I see myself doing this for the next THIRTY years?

How am I going to manage my 15 kids at home with this much of workload in the office??

Will I go crazy?

I will, wont I? (Dont lie.)

Seriously! The idea of being a working mother seems so impossible and far-fetched at times. Last thing I want to do is to be mistaken for a zombie, welcoming my husband home with a frown on my face and skin so oily I could fry an egg! :(

Sometimes I think those celebrity footballers are wayyy too lucky. To be so good at what they're doing is one thing, to get paid that much to do something they already, genuinely love doing is another! It's like, being paid to go shopping don't you think?

Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining, I 'm just thinking.

My friend once reminded me that the work we do must not just benefit us in this world, but also the next. And that there's a learning opportunity in everything we do as long as we stop complaining and start understanding. A learner is valued highly in every religion and if we're sincere in everything we do, and we learn for the love of God - we will continue keeping good points with the Big Guy above.

I think she's right :)


YaYa said...

me likey your friend she's smart!

Yaya said...

I'm still at your '15 kids' statement??!!! You serious??!! Hahahaha...

fatunk said...

well dear, be patient.you'll learn to balance your life k..just be happy and try not to stress out..
bout your statement "15 kids", wow!!

Azzwaa said...

you ingat you child factory ke ape??hahah dunlaa have 15 kids. i dun want u to die a sad death like mumtaz mahal.. =)

N said...

hi a-jay..

been a silent reader for quite sometime,my 1st time dropping comment here.

well, i just started working 2 weeks ago. and i posed the same questions to myself too. and what really motivate me is my job is an 'amanah' and i should do it to the best of my ability.inshaAllah,it will pay later on.=)

15 kids? wowowowow.

A-Jay said...

That was a typo Ya, it was supposed to be a 'he' heheh

Who's saying anything about dyingggg. On the contrary, I'm talking about living life to the fullest....full house included :D

Oh btw, Captain Yaya, meet Yaya Doodles (I couldn't resist!:P)

Thanks Fatunk and N. I think the best thing about working is if it's able to make u a better person inside out :)

The only thing that disturbs me is how routined life becomes after that, and if there's more to life that I'm missing by taking this routined approach. Hmmm.

Yaya said...

I'm still at the 15 kids! Hahahaha... And "HI" Captain Yaya!

(nothingness) said...

we'll have this discussion once i come back to KL ;p hahah. it doesn't seem so long ago i was having lunch with you at KLCC

A-Jay said...

You're coming back for raya??! :)))

faiz said...

raya kat tokyo. with azreen!