Thursday, September 24, 2009

Retail Therapy, revamped!

My sister, aka Queen of the shoe empire was very pissed today, as she would be on any other day when she realized I was wearing the shoes she intended to wear to work.

What followed was the usual "Why-are-you-so-stubborn, which-part-of-ask-my-permission-first-before-you-wear-my-shoes-did-you-not-understand" lecture via SMS.

Granted, it was not the first time I borrowed her shoes without permission, heheh. In fact, I'm so horrible, I usually don't bother asking her permission because good Lord, she has a kingdom of other pairs of shoes to choose from! My routined apologetic sms replies were rather standard, filled with different excuses.

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you."
"Sorry I was really in a rush."
"Sorry, I was really, really in a rush."
"It's just a pair of shoes, find something else to wear."
"My goat died, and I cried in my sleep and dreamt of that particular pair of shoes."


On a worrying note, her lecture was getting longer and smarter too. She even inserted "I-have-nothing-else-to-wear-because-that's-my-only-brown-heels" and "Dont-say-you're-in-a-rush-because-I-am-too!" captions to shut me before I could even explain my poor self.

My mood was going down and down the drain. Not only was I working when everyone else is celebrating Eid, I was being lectured on a pair of lifeless shoes way too early in the morning!

I could apologize (perhaps insincerely :P) knowing pretty well I would do it again, or I could let my stress overwhelms me and scold her back for being so picky or I could pretend her sms did not reach me. At all ;)

....or I could buy her a pair of new shoes!

My face lit up at the thought of such genius idea. This is retail therapy, revamped! Shopping to release stress, but you're not really wasting your money because it's for a good cause :D

When I went shopping for her, true enough all my anger slipped away. All the beautiful things I could imagine her wearing make my heart sings and the idea of surprising her makes me feel all giddy inside. I realized I'm a sucker at surprising my loved ones, really.

Of course, the Queen of Shoe Empire was very pleased and surprised with the gift bestowed upon her. At the end of the day, I felt so good of myself and we were both happy with the end result. She loves her shoes, and I love surprising her like that. But please don't expect this to be on a recurring basis, it wont be long before I have holes in my pocket!

Our peacemaker in disguise :)


He Who Must Not Be Named said...

You're such a kind hearted women! I wonder from which heaven you're coming from. =)

Queen of Shoe Empire said...

haha..well I'm embarassed!! lol...yes, that was indeed the most unexpected gesture ever...Im looking forward to more and moreee record breaking surprises...!! =) love yuuuu~

A-Jay said...

Wah, thanks but that really is too big a compliment for me!

I still borrow her shoes without her permission so yeah, heheh.

A-Jay said...

The Queen who has to work to earn a living. Hehehhe. WHAT ARE YOU DOIGN CHECKING MY BLOG IN THE OFFICE!!!

Titts said...

omg you borrow so many things from me too! i expect a few tops coming my way, you kind-hearted woman from heaven...hehehehe

A-Jay said...

Geez, sincerity thrown out the window these days!

The key word is 'surprise' Titts! So hmm, maybe I should bring my little cousins to surprise you on your birthday end of this year. Just you, me and the kids - that would be a surprise! ;)

Titts said...

that's not funny.

Yaya said...

Aww... You so nice!!

Cee said...

u want me to babysit you? hmmph i want to be your sister! or you can go hint hint to amy!

A-Jay said...

It wouldn't make any sense Cee! Amy would look at me weird, as if I'm from another planet.

YaYa said...

please borrow my heels too !

A-Jay said...

I can barely walk in your heels!! LOL.