Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Night of Magic

My mother is a true perfectionist at heart.

Back when I was in Melbourne, the idea of my mom coming to visit me would freak my housemates out. Everything else would be put on hold as Aca and I roll up our sleeves, and spend hours cleaning the house - wiping everything that comes our way.

Here at home, there should not be even a single hair on the floor, not a slight crumple of the bed sheet, no hanger left hanging outside my closet.

So when she announced that she would be my eldest sister’s wedding planner, we knew she meant 100% business. “We get to cut down a lot on cost and I'm sure it’s going to be fun!” she quipped as my sister and I exchanged worried looks.

True enough, it wasn't long before she started showing sign of stress as the workload besieged her. A hanger hanging outside our closet became an unforgivable sin, and sleepless nights followed her to bed. My father on the other hand, was the complete opposite - calm like a well trained captain, until the rehearsal came and our beloved captain joined mom in Stress Room 101. Heheh.

It was actually very touching to see them go to great lengths. Together, my mother and her best friend Aunty Zaiha designed almost everything from scratch. Even all door gifts were personally wrapped and ribboned with much care and attention.

I now know my passion for interior design stems from somewhere (or someone for that matter :P). The ladies worked day in and day out for the love of beautiful touches and bargained prices and the outcome was beyond beautiful. At the end of the day, they even got an offer to be wedding planners for an upcoming reception! LOL.

The Wedding Dais

Hightable Backdrop

The Gorgeous wedding cake!

If you think a wedding is all about looking pretty, think again. There were countless heart rending moments - the most memorable one being the day we left our sister with her in-laws. It felt like a farewell of some sort as we embarrassed ourselves and shed tears, as if one of us was going to war!

And now, to Along and Abang Amir.

My simple wish is that you two lovebirds will live happily ever after :)



Sof said...

Ajjie, this is sweet! The wedding looked lovely :)

aiesya said...

ur mom did all that? salute!! dah laa dewan besar..mine kat my small house pun tercungap nak buat..;p

so, when's urs? ;p

Nada Syazana said...

Crap, why isn't there a hat when I need one to be taken off my head? Oh well, imaginary hats off to your mom. Wedding planning is no walk in the zen garden.

A Girl's Say said...

Thanks Sof! It was funnn, I love attending weddings anyway :) When are we lunchinggg?

K aisyah n Nadalina : Yeah, it's quite amazing what mothers can do kan? They even design and custom made the love chair and the wedding cake! My dad would have concluded that my mom has too much free time, heheh.

fatunk said...

the wedding was very nice..bile nak upload pixies yang reception in kelantan??

fatunk said...

the wedding was very nice..bile nak upload pixies yang reception in kelantan??

aLiaHaNiRoSLy said...

hey ajjie..congrats! hope its not too late to congratulate u 4 getting a new abg ipar..haha..well, my abg ipar pon name die abg amir..haha! =P my along got married 2 months ago..~ huhu

A Girl's Say said...

Thanks girls :) I avoid uploading personal pictures much in this blog since its very public :)