Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Limo Ride Home

After lunch break today, for some reason all I could think about was going home. Four hours seemed to drag ever so slowly as I munch continuously during my training session to keep me awake.

"You're lucky you're so small and I'm so big that everyone would think all these junk food are mine!" says my friend who was seating next to me. I smiled sheepishly at him, tearing open one Cadbury after another.

By 5.15pm I was out of the building. My neighbors (whom I usually go home with) were going back late so I decided to take the liberty to hitch a limousine ride home.

My vintage Limo

So today marked my very first LRT ride home, alone. *clap happily*

I went down to concourse level and took all the wrong turnings before I figured the LRT station was on the left handside of the building. It was still early so the crowd wasn't so bad but just to be safe, I called a friend to ensure that I took the right lane/train/line/whatever you called it.

"You sure you will be able to make it home?" says friend A.

I stared at his SMS for 5 seconds.

What was THAT supposed to mean?? You mean there's possibility of me not making it home? My face paled at the thought of this. I looked around and jokes aside, suddenly all the strangers around me looked like criminals on the go.


I bought my train ticket and walked so fast to the designated area that it felt like I was floating on air. Some (very uncivilized) woman tried to cut the queue and I threw her a few uncomfortable glances, all the while my handbag was nudging her to back off. I was this weirdo who was trying her best not to make any verbal or physical contact with anyone in light of the ever spreading H1N1 virus. Heheh.

The thing that I noticed the most about being in the LRT is this strong armpit like smell that is very uncomfortable to begin with. When I got out of the LRT, the first thing I did was to subtly smell myself, so afraid that the smell would actually stick to my body. Thank goodness it didn't.

My sweet, sweet brother was intelligent enough not to pick up my calls that the only options left were to walk home or get a cab from the Bangsar station. It felt like God answered my prayer when I found a lady cab driver. The choice was a no brainer!

I reached home by 6.15 pm and was so happy that I was home despite the smell, the crowd, the idea of not making it home at all. I definitely prefer the drive home with my neighbors but I guess desperate time calls for desperate measure!



fatunk said...

yay ajjie.
you did it!!hihi

Nada Syazana said...

You're kidding right? Your first ever LRT ride? Damn Ajjiboojie, we definitely have not been spending enough time together. Haha. Wtv it is, congratulations! Whee! :D

Titts said...

HAHAHAHAH oh my god you're my hero, toots. you brave brave woman.

FaUzaNa MarDhiAh said...

good job ajie!!hahahahhaah..safely at home...

A Girl's Say said...

The keyword is 'alone' nada. Heheh. 5 years ago when we were in INTEC i remember taking a few ktm rides with Zaf, but mannn those were eons ago. I couldnt even recognize the Bangsar Station when I stepped out!

Hihi. I do me prouddd :D

engineer wannabe said...

Congratulations..u made it..haha

Nada Syazana said...

Ahhhhh...alone. Okie dokes. Then you should be proud!

Happy fasting!

Darlene Alexis said...

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