Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear Amir and Aliaa,

All the shoes we could have make together...


Fun Casual

Girlish Ribbons

Come home for good so we can start on our dreams alreadyyy!
Baby steps, remember?


p.s : pictures via BeautyParadise and Splendicity


Nazneen said...


YaYa said...

yes yes you guys make I WANNA WEAR ITTTTTTTTTT

Nada Syazana said...

Nice taste in shoes Ajjieboojie! Whatever plans you have with your friends, I hope it's opening a shoe boutique and offering your homies (like moi) awesome discounts.

Me LOVES peep-toes btw. But it's so difficult to find comfortable ones so I'm still in the sneakers/sandals/Crocs phase.

Cee said...

yes make....and i'll be your loyal customers (as long as theres loyalty prices =p)

engineer wannabe said...

I like the 2nd last one..

A Girl's Say said...

Will keep you girls (and syidi) updated hokays? Hehe

impolite said...

sorry ajie... i just got my life connected to the net again... soon ok! :D

A-Jay said...

That's alright impolite.

Hope all is good overthere, ya? :)