Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I would have never guessed that in my last few months in Melbourne, they would be my ultimate best friends. "How did we end up being so close, the three of us?" one of them once asked.

I have no idea, really.

I remember at one point I was distracting myself, goi
ng places - hopping from one friend's house to another and I found much comfort being with the two of them. They know not of my problems but have unconsciously helped me, and put me back on track.

"You're one of the bros," they have told me, and I've smiled.

I remember laughing for no reason, laughing even harder knowing we have gone mad, laughing for no reason. Our jokes know no boundary that sometimes we went overboard and unintentionally hurt each other along the way. But the best part is how quickly we dismissed our feelings and forgave each other without the need to say it out loud.

They have thought me that a good friendship doesn't require us to know everything about each other. A good friend's door is always open for you and while some choose to walk in and find a shoulder to cry on, I choose to walk in and find a friend to remind me how easy it is to crack a smile, even on a gloomy day.

So whenever life hits you hard, if there's one advice I could give you, that is to take it easy and in any case, don't forget to 'bank in' some happiness into your 'daily account'. You'd be surprised how much more bearable a problem is when looked at with grinning eyes =)


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