Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I was in Singapore with my girlfriends for the most spontaneous road trip ever last week (I think the whole autopass/ERP system is crazy), and then made my way to Bali and just got back.

Guess I've had my fair share of freedom :)

After amazing traveling experiences in Sabah, Jakarta, Melbourne, Perhentian, Singapore, and Bali, morningless days and countless tv series marathons I'm officially saying goodbye to little miss freedom and succumbing to the corporate world starting tomorrow. I'm going for a 2 weeks induction program that is away from home (and most likely internet too, hmmm).

The stretched period of silence, unreplied smses, wallposts and messages are beyond me. Will update when possible...I'm waiting for pictures from my lovelies :D

Thank you for all the best wishes!



aneesa said...

Ajjie congrats!!! U are officially an adult!! like i'm not la kan...~ anyway you are working with whom?

Anon said...

ajjieeee congrats...i'm going to miss our lunches :( :( *sob sob*

hehe but i'm happy for you :D