Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who Moved My Cheese?

Now here's a book worth reading, instead of the typical How to Get Rich 101 :
I was 14 years old when my English teacher, Ms Zurina recommended this book. Being a typical, (seemingly) obedient student, I nodded to her suggestion and never since made an effort to find the suggested literature.

So imagine how surprised I was eight years later, when a close family friend handed me the book over lunch date, "Read the book, I'm sure you will enjoy every second of it." she said.

Who Moved My Cheese is a book on change - in your career and your life, written in the form of a parable that takes place in a maze. There are only four characters in the book : Scurry and Sniff are two mice that represent the simple part of us, while Hem and Haw are little people who represent the complicated human beings we always succumbed to being. All four characters look for Cheese to make them happy. Cheese could represent a successful career, a booming company, good health, relationship, so on and so forth.

This book is so simple, you could finish it in an hour or two and read it again whenever you feel like you need a little reminder of how simple life is. The message is nothing new really, but the way it is depicted is original, and the comparisons made are quite awakening. This, to me is the essence of a good book - an effective writing.

If you couldn't relate to it now, you simply will in future. It's almost impossible to read the book without thinking you (could) have been in
this situation, or that situation.

Simply put, life is a series of changes. What was once suitable may no longer be suitable in changed circumstances. It helps to be aware, to anticipate these changes and not live in denial. Avoid looming over what it once was because life is also a series of opportunities. The faster you let go of rotten, old cheese the sooner you will find new cheese.

And there's so much more to it.

I still occasionally remind myself of a question popped in the book:
"What would you do, if you weren't afraid?"


Nazneen said...

the book is awesome kan? Adi recommended to Zayd, and he then recommended to me. Loveeeee it~

Shaq said...

never read it. sounds great though.

a bit of topic but one of the books i remember reading when i was a kid is a book called 'Everyone Poops'. it was so simple and funny. when i read it again at Borders, it still gave me the laugh and reminded me of my pre-school days.

i have 8 books that i have yet to read/finish that i've had since last year. i should start reading again but i have no time! will add this book u sggested on my list.

Aliaa said...

i should read this book too!!!! :)

miss u!!! kiss kiss~

A Girl's Say said...

I youtubed everybody poops and found the most hilarious comical song on planet earth. Thanks Shaq!

Alia: Yesss. you're going to love it :D Make neen make you read it. Hehe

Lock said...

forget about the cheese.

that's the title of my book. check it out in major bookstores in 2012. blows your mind like you wont believe.