Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Of things Feminine and Beautiful

For me, there's nothing quite like having a pretty, pretty dressing table and dressing area in my own room - there is a kind of happiness that is sparked by the beauty :)

Pictures via House to Home

And if you love feminine decor as much as I do but have no idea where to start, follow these two simple steps to get the vanity corner you will absolutely love :

1. Get a beautiful, feminine wallpaper.
2. And adorn with classic, white furniture. Be creative in choosing your mirror(s).

Speaking of femininity, I'm not a fan of nature photos, but with a few edits here and there Shana Rae has surely made me a fan of her soft, pastel work.

So, very, very dreamlike, don't you think?
Now I'm off to my own dreamland, hehe. Sweet dreams :)



YaYa said...


makes *you know i want it* face


hawe said...

ey dudette!

before u keep on dreaming of having those fancy pretty yadida...got ur own BED dy?? :P

Nazneen said...

i have pictures of pretty dressing room pun :) I've been collecting to find inspiration for my new room in KL when the new hse siap la. haha. Nanti I'll post some pics on my blog.

Miss Aida said...

Loving the new layout!

HTML is a whole different language, isn't it? Your room already does remind me of the pictures you have up though.

As much as I love it, I don't know if I could deal with all the white. I'm a bit more messy than that. :P

NJB said...

bright colours stimulate joy. hence brings out the best in us. especially with the room orientated at the right angle facing the rising sun. waking up in a beautiful morning and off to a blissful day.

throwing out all the femininity and the girlish perceptions towards these kind of decors, i wud like to have them myself. unfortunately the world is cruel to men in bright colours and thus i'll stay with my manly dark room full of expensive toys.

A Girl's Say said...

Hawe : done! Come home and sleepover at my place quick so I can show off :D HAHAHHA

Neennnn, i wanna seeee..!!! i have a folder filled with gazillions of interior designs. My utmost motivation to succeed is to own my very own beautiful, homely home. Hihi.

Aida, I'm (forever) in love with white furniture!! I throw practicality out the windows for them LOL

NJB : Let me decorate your room! It can be light/bright and STILL manly! I shall show u someday :) But i always find white, black, silver damask motives a nice combo for a more masculine feel to a bedroom.