Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pathethically Happy!

I have always thought that my blog's only known to some of my closest friends, I don't really advertise this blog, much less talk about it (I somehow find it weird to talk about my blog in real life).

So anyway, when Titts was home last month, she suggested I get this counter thing, which keeps track of the number of people who visit your blog by hits. I thought it would not make any difference, I'm not much of a blog person and it would be embarrassing to have only 30 hits for the next three months! It's like a silent message saying your blog is insignificant, now shoooh away loser. HAHAH.

So anyway, setting my embarrassing, lack-of-confidence aside, I installed stat counter for the fun of it and boyyyy was I surprised! I know the number of hit is nothing compared to the more frequent bloggers out there but the point is - it is totally, totally, beyond my expectation!

One time, I published a post, went downstairs for a bite to eat, and went online again half an hour later only to realize that the stat has gone up by 30 hits! Well half of the hit was probably just Titts missing me so much, but still!!! Isn't it exciting to have Titts hitting on my page every 5 seconds! Hahah.

So here I am, thanking you for spending a few minutes of your day checking this rarely updated blog of mine. I must say it has in a way, made me more enthusiastic to write and although the progress is slow, I assure you I have been blogging more than usual :P

I now know a few reasons why blogging is so much fun. I'm sure some bloggers share my view on this - You get to write what you want and share it with others, hoping to make a little difference along the way. It's a way of keeping in touch with people, getting the excitement of people visiting your blog and leaving comments along the way :)

Alright peeps. I'm off to Tony Rama's!


Vivy said...

Tony ROMA la, ding!

Eh please ok i visit your blog ONCE A DAY only (have to set limit, if not I'll be so obsessed with you, so the other 29 hits must be your 29 (of many) male admirers.

(nothingness) said...

ahahaha. i visit your blog often, usually as a silent reader :P cmon la ajjie you are popular what?

s.m said...

hi ajjie!
i've been your silent reader since like forever! write more ajjie! i'd love to read more from u :)

yang benar,
a friend from ppm but i think you've forgotten about me sbb you'd rejected my fb friend request 2x *sad face*

Shaq said...

Ajjie! it's Tony Roma's!!! silly! hahaha

A Girl's Say said...

HAHAHAHA. Tony rama's, ahahahhahahaha! obviously my first time there :P

s.m - Thank youu, thats so nice of you. sorryyyy, i'm a total grandma at remembering acquaintances(can never do law or read medicine with this forgetful mind) hehe. we'll start fresh!

Faiz : *pukul* Mungkin I consider you as one of my close friends??? No where near your popularity though mr talentime hihi

NJB said...

"hoping to make a little difference"

i totally feel the same way.

nice new layout.

Nada Syazana said...

Hey, Tony Rama's is the new banana leaf hangout kan? Damn, the kari kepala ikan is insane mannnn. Sorry, kidding. Couldn't help it ;p

Hey, you have plenty of silent readers Ajjie. I je yg suka semak2 bagi comments. Btw, I'd like to try this 'hit' thing. See how pathetic my blog really is.

A Girl's Say said...

Thanks Najib!

Eyh Hellooo Nada, so not pathetic la okayyy! You even have followers of your blog x