Monday, April 13, 2009

Tompok's Surprise (as promised!)

Iyra de Genius suggested a candlelight surprise, post Tom's birthday dinner. Everyone went full force - Sarah baked her to-die-for chicken pies, Iyra took the longest time searching for the perfect birthday present (she actually missed the dinner!) and yours truly was cheesy enough to buy tea light candles, petals of flowers, and drag a keyboard to the apartment.

We had it in our head. Iyra and I would come early to lit the candles as Sarah and the boys invite Tompok to what was supposed to be "Aimran's housewarming".

Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy for us, party planners. Tompok (being Tompok), was more inclined to spend his 24th birthday watching a movie with
hundreds and thousands other strangers in the Cineplex. Sarah ran out of idea to convince him and decided to put her foot down. "You just have to come! It's Aimran's housewarming that we all want to go to!".

Poor birthday boy couldn't believe his simple birthday wish was turned down by cruel, dominant friends. Hee.

For us two, life at the apartment wasn't smooth sailing either. The aircond in the abandoned apartment went kaput and by the time all the candles were lit, Iyra and I could pretty much swim in our pool of sweat!
But isn't the outcome worthwhile? :)
When Tompok arrived, his expression actually remained unchanged, and the only words that came out of his mouth was a barely audible "Oh...". Iyra, Sarah and I looked at each other, bewildered with his respond. He might as well bypass us and go sleep at the couch!

And then he made up for it.

He walked in slowly, right palm on his forehead - his face forming a smile longer than the Penang bridge. "I don't know what to say guys. This is too nice, I don't expect this at all!" he said in the sincerest tone I've heard in ages. That's more like it, Tomkins! :)
Birthday boy in denial that an hour had passed. Sigh.
I wouldn't bore you guys with intimate details but lets just say, that was a start to a fantabulous 24th celebration!



laiii :) said...

ajji! i LOVE your dress!!! where did you get it from?

A Girl's Say said...

Thanks Laiii :)

It was from Eve, they have shops in Curve and Plaza Damas. Lots and lots of pretty dresses, worth a visit (or two :P)

Nada Syazana said...

I was just about to throw overwhelming praises at your dress until Lai sampuk. Haha. Sumpah cantik gila, Ajjie.

And the surprise you threw for Tompok was really2 sweet. I was going, "aww!" and "alaaa!" when I saw your photos. Psst...I even went, "What?! Noooo! No Tompok, no!" when you sed Tompok wanted to go watch a movie instead.

Chewah, I ckp macam I kenal the bday boy je...but one thing I know is he's really lucky to have friends like you guys :)

NJB said...

i want that to-die-for chicken pies!!!!!

A Girl's Say said...

Come back KL first then you speak la uncle. Heheh.

Awww. Thanks Nadalina ling ling - one candlelight 'surprise' coming up for you hahahahah. You'll like Tomkins if u know him. He's Mr nice guy. (Oh, wait. You're a bad boys lover. Heheh)

laiii :) said...

hahahahha haro nadaaaa! looong time no see!

Nada Syazana said...

Haro Rai!!! Hahahaha. No, hello Lai!!! I know, it's been awhile kannnn? Let's catch up on this blog thing!

Aww Ajjie, you know the kind of men I'm into so well! And I can't wait to be surprised at my surprise party nanti. *tepuk tangan* Hihiks! Thank you Ajjieboojie!

A Girl's Say said...

Oh blog's turning into a chat room. Hehehh.