Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Answer

Titts wanted me to host her poll last week, and after countless rejections, she miraculously accepted my final question:

A man walked into a bar and asked for a glass of drink.The bargirl pulled out a gun and shot him dead. Why?

The question, as silly as it sounded, originated from a book by Edward de Bono, the father or lateral thinking (Surprise, surprise!). Never have I came across a personality so engrossed in creative thinking as this man here. Some of his ideas in the book are amazingly out of this world while others just leave you to stare at them point blank. For eg, he suggested shipping jars of marmite to end the great Arab-Israeli conflict due to low level of zinc found in these people, a known side effect of which is aggression. Hows that compared to UN's useless voting system? LOL.

Coming back to the question, the answers received evidently suggested that the gun was used deliberately to harm the man, because that's the obvious use of a gun. From such perception, we created our reasons, i.e she's psycho, he cheated on her, she misheard him, he was wanted dead or alive etc etc. De Bono aimed to free our thinking from traditional perceptions to explore the world of creativity and beyond.

Thanks everyone for voting :)
Here is the answer :

The guy had horrible hiccups, which was why he asked for a glass of water. The bargirl was merely trying to help him, knowing that sudden fear could cure hiccups. Unknown to her, the gun was loaded that day.

Now everyone can sleep in peace, hehe. Sweet dreams.

Morale of the story : Our thinking is often blocked not by ideas that we do not have, but by ideas that we do have.


NJB said...

maybe its the after effect of me watching some boston legal episodes,


i'm just wondering if the jury could find the girl to be not guilty, for the reason of temporary stupidity

A Girl's Say said...

Mental disorder, maybe. But temporary stupidity? Heheh. I guess the main point is there's no intention of murder :)

Another interesting one would be...who loaded her (supposedly) unloaded gun? And why. *raised eyebrows*

Fighting for a court case can be pretty fun, although studying for one can be quite a mental torture! :P

Miss Aida said...

LOL, my sister actually went to one of his workshops in Malaysia and I heard this one before.

Well, she could have always thought it was a fake gun?

How're you going Aji? :) Haven't been online for so long!

A Girl's Say said...

I've been good, miss :)
Getting used to life in KL.

PET better start employing me though...before i declare myself bankrupt! :P

Nada Syazana said...

This Bono guy's a genius!

(nothingness) said...

i get the philosophy, but i don't get the answer. wouldn't a more 'correct' answer be "i don't know"?

A Girl's Say said...

I guess he wasn't seeking for truth. Just change and creativity?

Nada : He's a bit too eccentric for my liking, but we sure could learn something from him!