Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best Friends since Birth

I was flipping through old photos with mom and paps few days ago and came up with an important conclusion.

When I was the youngest kid, I was the happiest kid in the world :

And then my youngest brother rocked the world and call it jealousy, but I stopped smiling for at least, one tearful year.

Even Victoria Beckham can't beat this!

The odd one out, HAHAH.

I was the impossible kid - quiet, always crying at just about anything : an unfair treatment, baby scoldings, overpowering siblings, blue skies, flying birds, jumping monkeys and so on.

I picked up my 'pain' soon after (hahah), learned to love my amazingly cute baby brother (I always wonder how he literally turned black after high school), adored my eldest sister for the longest time possible, prayed and dreamed to be like her, and was easily amused by my second sister's spastic jokes.

We still fight like cats and dogs (I once threw a sharp iron that hit right on my brother's forehead, causing him a few bloody stitches) but I've learned to love the idea of bonding and fighting with my siblings. My childhood days were blessed with wonderful times with these three kids who have become pretty much my best friends since birth.

When I get married, forget birth control! Tun Mahathir aimed for double the population we're at now, it's high time I seriously contribute to the country. God willing my kids will have the mosttt best friends in the world! =)

And now, to finding a husband. Hahah!!


engineer wannabe said... expecting a child factory coming up soon

A Girl's Say said...

Eh pls, the name is very demeaning in nature!!! It's gonna be more than a factory okayyy, it's going to be one awesome KINGDOM! haahhahaha

YaYa said...


i want 12!!!!!!

rafika said...

ajjie, your last para kelakar habis.

Anon said...

hahah to syidi's child factory

A Girl's Say said...

Hihi which one ruffy, the one with the husband bit? LOL.

Yaya. Your kids against my kids in football okeh!

along said...

i miss u cutie pie!!