Saturday, March 7, 2009

She's Coming Home Againnnnn!

I'll be waiting for your 7 am call Titts!
But then again, maybe I wont. LOL.

Oh, well.
Easter break is here and that means you'll be home soon.
I'm happy, happy, happy! =)



Vivy said...

sighh so this is love =)
pfttt just to make it more painful, i'll jump on you at 6.59 am...
god you have no idea how much i miss you!

Vivy said...

i guess i'm the black cat, because it's shorter...pfftt

A Girl's Say said...

Hahahhahaa. You have a blogspot account that I could not access??? Sheeesh.

With your heels you can be the taller one. Besides, it's blonde.

Vivy said...

what you talking about? i don't have a blogspot account.