Monday, March 30, 2009

The One with the Stinky Dustbin

Azam and Tompok turned 24 last Saturday and I had to juggle between two celebrations which were equally awesome! I will write on Tompok's birthday later, but for now, let me entertain you with 'The One with the Stinky Dustbin'.

For Azam's birthday, Amy arranged a dinner at Vicenzo, One Bangsar.

Azam was already there when I arrived. I wish I could say I was fashionably late, but after one hectic day, I was a panic robot. I hugged Azam happy birthday, fumbling words of well wishes but at the back of my head I was thinking of the birthday card that was hidden in my handbag, UNWRITTEN! I excused myself and walked calmly into the washroom, which to my surprise, turned out to be one dark cave.

"Excuse me, could you please switch on the washroom lights for me? It's urgent."
"I'm sorry miss, this is in support of Earth Hour."

Turns head sharply to the left, where
endless fairy lights were hanged for decoration purposes. "The toilet lights?? Of all lights, seriously?!!"
"I'm sorry Miss."
So i looked around and the only room lit was the wet kitchen where they clean all the dirty dishes. I put my dignity on hold, marched into the room and began writing nonchalantly next to an unbelievably smelly dustbin. Once finished writing, I walked back to the dinner table, a megawatt smile plastered on my face. "Why, what happened?" asked Wena as I handed Azam the card. I burst out laughing and told them my story.

We had a good laugh (:

On a different note, Aglio Olio Beef Bacon was a good choice if you decide to give Vicenzo a try some day, although if it was up to me, I would want double the portion they gave me. Heh.
Anyway, here's looking at you, Azam.

May there be many more fun, memorable memories in the years to come. Have fun growing grey hairs and getting friendly with Mr Wrinkleston.



Anon said...

hahahahah cant believe you went to the write a card!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ajjie!

It might not have hit you yet, but at 72 years, you are old. You're supposed to be telling your grandchildren stories at this age, but nope, here you are competing with the unemployed for a job. Oh well...

Anyway, taking advantage of your 72nd birthday, this 74-year old would like to wish you all the best in achieving all you want in life.(tadaaaaa?)

I understand that that must've seemed like the most uncreative, unwanted wish you've received so far, but let me tell you this mate - I seriously meant it. Stay your confident self, and keep your chin up, because the glass is always half full for you.

Anyway, have fun watching Los and Faun. It came to me highly recommended.

Will see you back in KL one of these days.

Happy 72nd,


A Girl's Say said...

Tok Spoof, I'm turning 22 this year, not 72...I know its very hard to remember stuff at your age *nods head understandingly* but not everyonee was born in World War I tokk sighhh

But anyhoww thanks spoof, i lappp you HEAPSpopotamous x

Ps Anon : The things we do for the elderly, heheh.

Neha Al said...

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