Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm a Happy, Proud Friend Today!

Titts blog was mentioned in Best of Blogs in Koodos!

And I was at Times Square today when I saw the Talentime poster, with Faiz's name on it. You should seee how excited I was, snapping photos of the poster from every single angle as if it was Britney Spears! Everyone was looking at me weird, sigh. Note to self : Avoid going to Times Square for the next three months.

Different achievements in different ways, but I'm sure it means something to the both of them and for that, I'm very very happy!

Go entertain yourself with a dose of Proudduck and dont forget to watch Talentime, I'm sure it's going to be an awesomely awesome movie. We're talking about my good friends here. Heheh.

Here's to the two of you, this one's for you guys :)



Vivy said...

your link is salah la toots... but so sweet!! i lap you!!

(nothingness) said...

hehe. and you mean this poster:

A Girl's Say said...

Hahahhahah. You know how I'm like when I get too excited. Sighhh