Friday, March 27, 2009

Lights off! (Unless you're driving)

It's tomorrow!

Earth Hour is back and regardless of the ongoing debate, I'm supporting Earth Hour with 1 billion other, not-necessarily-green people on this planet.

This is the first time I'm spending Earth Hour at home, in Malaysia so I'm a tad more excited. I've looked around, found and cooked some interesting things to do during Earth darkest Hour.
  1. Play Charades by candlelight.
  2. Tell ghost stories. What else is darkness associated with right?
  3. Star gazing picnic or candle light dinner (Happening all around KL, btw).
  4. Host an Earth Hour party with plastic cups in the banned list.
  5. Debate about the pro and cons of participating (A little too late though!)
  6. Tell that annoying someone what you've been meaning to tell him/her all this while (And get away from being identified)
  7. Sleep and snore through it.
  8. Watch and catch fireflies! One place really famous for this is Kampung Kuantan, in Kuala Selangor. Apparently it's one of the largest firefly colony in the world. Quite interesting, no?
  9. Cook for half the day and stuff yourself with food for one hour. (Please don't)
  10. Forget the whole idea of Earth Hour. Switch on all your lights, wait for your neighbour to knock on your door and answer the door with Xmas lights string to your body. (Prepare for a tight slap)
Which one would you choose?

I would go for the candle light party with small group of friends, complete with charades, mocktails and ghost story after (just in time for me to switch on the lights, of course!).



Nada Syazana said...

I'd do #6! Like, sneak up behind you then scream in your ear, "Ajji gedik!" then run off. You'd never know it was me *raises eyebrows*

A Girl's Say said...

Really? All the way from Johorr??? One would never guess! Hehehhee. I lappp youuu Nada bonks bonks xx