Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SABAH: If You're in Sabah,

1. Go Snorkeling2. Find Orang Utans3. Pay a trip to Mt Kinabalu4. Go White water Rafting5. Jump off!6. Enjoy Nightlife7. Watch Sunset8. Visit Philippines Market9. Buy Lots of Seafood and chill out at the beautiful, revolving Atmosphere Lounge

If you have more time, drive up to Tip of Borneo, find the Head Hunter place, do LOTS of water sports,
eat plenty of seafood, stuff yourself with Sayur Sabah, and last but not least - steal a boat and go fishing! Have FUN :)


Nada Syazana said...

You really had fun at Sabah dincha girlfriend? :D You know what, we should start a travel mag together one day. What say you?

YaYa said...


cantik nye gambar gambar kamuuuuu

im jealous i didnt stay till sunday. urgh.

but i had half the fun ;)

petite girl said...

hye there~nice pics and posts too~~~

bumped into your blog =)

you are still in aussie sis ajjrina?when will you finish your studies?=)

your ssp junior=P

A Girl's Say said...

I'd loveeeeee to Nada!!!! That's one of my biggest dreams - to travel around the world and write about it!

YaYa : Mana ada dugong, sangat comel ok. If not I wouldnt have snapped dozens of pictures of you :)

petite girl : Just graduated mid december alhamdulillah :) Now back in KL, holidaying while waiting for job call.

adam k. said...


A Girl's Say said...

Your home is AWESOME :)

adam k. said...

yep! :p

Anon said...

wow you summed it up real well!