Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mr Postman, My Hotel is in the Air.

The idea was to travel the world without living a trace.

So French designer, Jean-Marie Massaud proposed this idea of a flying hotel called Manned Cloud.

It is said to give us the opportunity to “re-experience traveling, timelessness and enhance the consciousness of the beauty of the world - and to experience spectacular and exotic places without being intrusive or exploitative.”

Above all, Manned Cloud will bring you around the world in Three. Freaking. Days. Now the rich-and-aged will travel like nobody's business!

A bird's eye view of the world's best kept secret in an eco-friendly, 6 star hotel? I say, bring it on Massaud! =)


Nada Syazana said...

Damn. This is gonna cost a bomb.

NJB said...

wow such vision. and to circle the world too? damn. i'll also follow u to say, bring it on massaud!

Anon said...