Monday, December 22, 2008

Bye-bye Me?

So that was what it felt like, my farewell.
I certainly was unprepared.

I've been busy, working up to 13 hours a day sorting cherries and bringing my family around that I didn't have much time to spare for other friends. At the corner of my mind, I was aware that it was coming, but I was too busy to dwell on it.

I had only one day to spend with friends after my family flew back to Malaysia.

Thank you for the surprise at Crown, the idea of cherry people gone wild tickles me to this very day. Thank you for spending my last night with me, talking and laughing away just like always. The barbecue at Mitcham and the heartwarming send off all in one day.

Despite the fact that I'd be coming again in February for a short break, the finality was already obvious. The ride to the airport was most likely the saddest ride ever. There was this heavy reluctance, and part of me wished that I'm still there so we could do all the little things we always do together.

To all my friends, thank you for being my pillars of strength, my family overseas.


Note to Rowenstein : Bring tissues to airport. Heheh.


Titts said...

aw man...i'm not even in melbourne and i feel so sad for you!! =(

Anon said...

hahah i wont have anyone to share the tissue with? everyone would have left me before i leave them :(

Ajieeeee...factory people gone wild? Hahah more like Ajie-Gone-Wild! special column some more in magazine 'Cherry'

And yaaaay beach trip...(PD pun PD la-full of mat rempits) haha takpe...pekerja kilang sounds lagi teruk kut ;)

A Girl's Say said...

We can match make pekerja kilang with the rempits Wens! You go first hehehe

Titts, your turn next! Then we'll be reunited for good. Yayness :)