Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Agreed to Disclose a Little Bit More about Me.

1. Cleanliness makes me happy.
2. Mushy romantic lines either scare me away or get me laughing.
3. I buy a bundle of make ups but I rarely use them.
4. I love kids.

More to come.
Good night :)


YaYa said...

i dunno y, but ur post is hartwarming!

Anonymous said...

That, and bench-warming too. Ina good way of course.


SHaQ said...

don't forget ur out-of-topic randomness. hihi

Miss Aida said...

And the laughing before the joke's punchline.

Anon said...

ahaha i agree on aida's.
you and amy are in your own world.

A Girl's Say said...


If I were to write on my laughing syndrome, it'll have to be an essay on its own!