Friday, September 12, 2008

September 11th

My friends and I were watching the playback and I was astonished to realize that seven years have passed. September 11 left such a huge impact that it felt like it was only yesterday it happened. I felt deeply for the victims and their families, the traumas that I could only imagine within my limited power and yet, something was kicking in.

The extent to which it hit us and gripped our attention & sympathy.

We seemed to pay less attention to the innocents killed in wars, as if it had less impact on us, as if it was less cruel. Was the death of the innocents in WTC more horrifying than the blood shed by countries at war merely because it was unexpected?

The power of mass media.

To me, it was a knock on the head, a definite slap in the face. The image of WTC crash was shouting to us, that we have become animals, and like animals - we kill innocent lives. The consequences was a scream that this should not continue.

If only September 11th is used as a checkpoint, a reminder of all the innocent lives killed in pursuit of power and influence. If only the day is used, not only to remember those killed in the States but also else where in the world.

Unfortunately, it's not quite like that.

If the extremists killed the innocents to jerk the government, and the government killed the innocents merely in search for a man named Osama - how much different is the government from the extremists?

Perhaps the extremists have won the war.


YaYa said...

agreeing with you 100%

YaYa said...

agreeing with you 100%

zulhusni Mokhti said...

that's 200% already..hee.

Miss Aida said...

The video of the Twin Towers crashing seemed so surreal.

It definitely changed the world forever, to what avail I don't know. I guess we can only try and remember the little lessons we can take away from it, the little truths we can uphold.

Anonymous said...

Self-professed stronger humans dogmatizing by imposing their beliefs and artificial feelings on others; bogging them down with the 'unwanted otherwise'. A bit too pragmatic in their approach.

Their weaknesses are stronger than the weak. So screw their microscopic half hairy balls, and stupefy me.

-Le Spoof-

YaYa said...

i rasa i ni tappandai sangat la

does that mean this anonymous person agree with you? or not?

Anonymous said...

He strongly agrees.
And man, he's on fire! ;)

Anonymous said...

Apa la ya. mana ada tappandai? tappandai tak boleh masuk uni la!! haha

-Le Spoof-

(in nothingness) said...

it all falls back to the media. turn on CNN or FOX of course we'd get america-centric news (in FOX's case, pro-Repubican). we can't claim that our personal views, whatever side we're on, are not at least molded by the media.

case in point: the tibet 'upheaval'

i dunno. the 'truth' seemed simple enough.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are jerk. As simple as that. They are born to be a terrorist. Everywhere they go they will have this kind of 'MELAYU' attitude-PEMALAS,LIARS AND DENIALS.

Root in hell they all will be.

Anonymous said...

If you don't agree with me; why did you chose to study and comfortably did your shopping in UK/US instead of Iraq/Mecca/Palestine/Pakistan? Those muslim's countries are like RUBBISH.

Toots said...

Hi Anon, to answer your question, my simple answer would be that our religion is based on faith, not location.

Having said that, any person with acceptable intelligence would know that a holy city is not exactly the place to shop. Also you have no idea how many people travel to mecca to further their studies in Islam. My late grandfather was one of them.

Thanks for dropping the comments. I'm sorry you have so much hatred in you. Thankfully my non muslim friends are nothing like you :) Cool down, I swear you sound like a psycho terrorist :P