Friday, November 25, 2011

You're Family

I recalled our childhood days, hilarious as they were.

Titts was Baby Spice then, and I was Posh (don't judge us, we were TEN!). When Spice Girls came out with Impulse - Titts and I practically ran head first to the mall to get them, hehe.

We spent every recess together, and every weekend was a sleepover weekend then. Titts used to have a single bed, so we would sleep on the floor together and talk for hours until one of us starts to snore. I lost count of how many times we used to skip classes just to hang out together. We were so knit close and mischievous that even teachers were trying to separate us. Sweet Valley seemed real then, and we were obsessed over The Unicorns. I swear, it used to be a library of Sweet Valley in her bedroom and mine! 

Looking back, we seemed so eager to be adults - Titts, definitely more than anyone else. I remember sneaking into our sisters' bedrooms, stealing their over sized dresses - posing for a body that was not quite there yet. We had matching pajamas, matching fury pink pens and funky diaries that we used to exchange over the weekends. Titts always brought back something cool for me from London and our collection of 'best friends jeweleries' were endless. 

We had a vision of our "ideal life" fifteen years ago. That we would follow each other where ever life takes us, go to the same university, and practically grow old and ugly together. We even promised to make an extra room for each other when we build our own houses! :D

But life has an interesting way of diverging from your childhood dreams, and ours were no exception. After primary school, Titts and I learned to slowly live without each other - which, honestly was pretty easy after a while. Hehe. But the time would naturally come when we would  pick up the phone to make crazy-expensive-phone-calls from London to Melbourne and vice versa. With her, it is always like old times. We would talk over the phone for hours and it would end with our customary I love yous. 

I’m so proud of how far she has come in life, of Fashion Valet and of Dean. Sometimes, it feels like a lot of things have changed and at times, other commitments get in our way - but a true best friend is always there to stay.

at I would not do, to keep you happy, Titts!
After all, you're family. What is you, is me :)

How cute were we, then? Haha



Miss Aida said...

There's something about childhood friends that will always be special.

Azzwaa said...

aww...this is sweet!! but u didn't mention one thg...!! that i always

A Girl's Say said...

Hahaha. I dont even remember how we determine the winner! Hahahhaha

N said...

erkkkkkkkkkk. spice impulse perfume. my mom had this no-perfume-talc-only when i was young. i had to persuade her to let me buy spice impulse perfumeee!!! i even kept the spray can for like years (cos i think it's memorable),those were the days ;)

and i was a 'posh spice' wannabe too.Haha

Anonymous said...

aWwWwWwWWWWW......... =')


Nadeeya nor said...

MasyaAllah ...a true and great friendship indeed...just love to read yours and vivy's blog everyday without fail...

Toots said...

Hehe. thanks Nadeeya for reading our little ramblings. and yes N, posh spice was THEEEEE spice kan!!

Lexapro said...

It was very interesting to read about this in your article.

Anonymous said...

just to get to taste and smell between their pretty legs.